Holliston Lions Collecting Recyclable Clothing Day this Saturday

Every now and again, while we’re going through our closets, we find clothing, coats, and old eyeglasses we simply do not know what to do with. The Holliston Lions Club can help!

On Saturday, November 2, from 1pm to 4pm you will find Lions Club members at the Holliston Senior Center on Goulding Street continuing to help make a difference in our environment, and helping neighbors in need. Here’s how you can help!

The Holliston Lions Club will be collecting the following items on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm:

Coats — if you have winter coats which no longer fit family members, or because someone who has recently purchased a new coat but you’re not sure what to do with it, donate the coat. We will be sending them to the cleaners and then these coats will be donated to a person who is in need of warm outerwear. All types of usable winter coats are acceptable.

Clothing — men’s, women’s, children’s clothing in all sizes welcome. These clothes will be sent to SAVERS and the Holliston Lions Club will be paid by the pound. We ask you avoid donating undergarments unless they are still in an unopened package. We will use the proceeds collected to fund our “Pennies for Sight” campaign for Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc. Last year, we raised slightly more than $1,100 for this project and this year we hope to surpass that number! Every penny counts! Pennies add up to quarters, quarters add up to dollars and every dollar we collect goes 100 percent to help fund important research to help Lions Clubs eradicate preventable blindness. Be a part of helping save the vision of someone you may or may not know!

Eyeglasses/Hearing Aids — if you have eyeglasses laying around your home and you are not sure what to do with them, please bring them to the Senior Center! These NEED NOT be prescription glasses as we also accept “store bought” readers, sunglasses and clip on sunglasses. If the frame and lenses are intact, we can use them, even if there are scratches on the lenses. These glasses are donated to groups who conduct missionary trips overseas and those glasses will be “reverse” prescribed and used to help someone who cannot see otherwise.

When you’re doing your fall cleanup if you have coins you are simply collecting in a can, please consider bring them along for our Pennies for Sight Campaign!

As always, we thank the members of the community for their ongoing support. Please check the Holliston Lions Club website for information for our upcoming events including our Meet & Greet (membership information), Youth Speech Contest, and Breakfast with Santa to name a few.

Doreen Martel

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