The Rain Did Not Dampen Sunday’s Pumpkin Fun

Yvette and I started our tour of Holliston Holiday Happenings at the Police Headquarters. We were greeted by members of HPD and lots of pumpkins perfect for painting. Out Post and Arcadian farms donated this year’s painting canvases.

All Photos By Yvette Cain
Future Firefighter, Jack Jodrey, has beautiful blue hue mixed for his work of art.
It was a full house.
Alligator, aka Evalena Murphy, had a modern art theme to her masterpiece.
Holliston’s Dunkin’ provided the snack to make it a true Trick or TREAT!

We left the police station with no paint on our clothes and not one treat. Onward to the Newcomers’ Pumpkin Walk. Normally held on the Rail Trail between Blair Square and Exchange Street, wisely this year’s party moved to the Placentino School cafeteria (flu shots one day – Halloween party the next; which was scarier).

Julie Catlin, the event organizer welcomed us and the many families who participated.
After signing in, visitors could play several different games to win non-candy prizes.
The feline above is seen trying to knock over a stack of empty cans.
Alexis Ng and her sister Katie helped with the Witches’ Hat Ring Toss.

Everywhere we went we saw many smiles which made the dreary day enjoyable.

Thank you HPD and Newcomers for hosting these child-friendly and safe activities to kick off the spooky season.

Chris Cain

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