First Humanitarian Awards Bestowed by Select Board

Monday night’s drizzly weather did not deter a crowd from attending the ceremony for the honored recipients of the Select Board’s first Humanitarian Awards:. Christine Chabot, Matt Putvinski, and Donna Kramer

This fall the Select Board developed the Humanitarian Award to recognize a resident who embodies what they refer to as 3C’s:  Compassion, Consideration of others, and Caring.  The month of November was designated as the appropriate time to thank those selected for exhibiting these criteria to Holliston neighbors. 

The ceremony featured each Select Board member introducing a recipient, presenting each a citation from the Board (also signed by Representative Carolyn Dykema), and was followed by a few words from recipients to those gathered in their honor.

Select Board member Tina Hein presents citation to Donna Kramer
Donna Kramer surrounded by her family: son Brian, daughter Jennifer Lutton, and granddaughters Jillian and Jessica Lutton, and daughter Laura Ryan

Select Board member Tina Hein was first to present the Humanitarian Award to her designee, Donna Kramer.  In her words of support, Hein pointed out that recently while chatting with a client about living in Holliston, this client spoke of Donna Kramer, as Kramer had made an impact on her life that she has never forgotten. Kramer, who has lived in Holliston for 51 years, has done much to improve others’ lives.  With Project Comeback, she has used horses to help veterans.  Additionally, she has volunteered at Milford Regional Hospital.  When told about the award, Kramer said, “I was flabbergasted!”  She never expected to be recognized for actions that come so naturally.

Select Board member John Cronin presents Humanitarian citation to Christine Chabot
Christine Chabot with her niece and nephew Jasper and Selah Tetrault

John Cronin, Vice Chair of the Select Board, introduced the audience to Christine Chabot.  Christine’s care for her customers at Arcadian Farm was his first thought when he began to think of the Humanitarian Award.  At times, Christine is known to deliver groceries to seniors in need.  In her acceptance, Chabot claimed that family was her role model for being kind to others.  “When someone needs something, I just do it,” Chabot said. 

Honoree Matthew Putvinski speaks of his parents.
Matthew Putvinski surrounded by family: (L-R) his parents, Jim and Joanne, daughter Erin, Matt and wife Karen, daughter Megan, and father-in-law Bill Thorn.

Matthew Putvinski, the Humanitarian designee of Mark Ahronian, Chair of the Select Board, has done much over the years to display his 3 C’s.  Ahronian reflected on Putvinski’s time as part of a Red Cross Disaster Team to being a coach for his daughters’ soccer teams; from his part with a recent Haiti mission at an orphanage to training service dogs; “Matt is always helping others.”  In Putvinski’s own words, “Your kids are always watching…and my parents are in the audience now!”  He said he always remembers his parents’ actions in and interactions among his community, and now he is just doing the same. 

Following the awards, the recipients and the audience were invited by Ahronian to celebrate with cake and coffee.  A large cake displayed the names of the three awardees—but not for long.  Large and yummy carvings of cake were enjoyed by many friends and relatives. 

Many thanks to the Select Board for reminding us that compassion, consideration of others, and caring really do make a difference.

Yvette Cain

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