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Library Trustees Meet on Cool November Eve November 6, 2019

K. Robert Malone, Chair of the Library Trustees, opened discussion of the Library’s Planning Process for its future by inquiring about ways information will be gathered.  Malone, in dialogue with Leslie McDonnell, Library Director, spoke about the use of surveys (distributed through the town census), focus groups, and other methodologies, as Kirsty Wiwczar, Kara Peterson, and Karla Alfred, all Trustees members, added suggestions. The group made changes to a proposed survey, clarifying ideas so as to address the long-term future of the library.

Presently two public forums will be held, one evening (November 20 at 7PM) and one afternoon (December 4 at 1 PM) to elicit information from residents.  

McDonnell spoke about trends that would soon have some impact on Holliston’s Library:  the demise of fines, automatic renewal, and the impact of publishers’ policies on ebook purchases.  Because Holliston is part of the MinuteMan Library Network, an upcoming vote by that network to abolish fines may impact the Holliston library.  Automatic renewal was listed as another trend in “libraryship.”

The last trend McDonnell mentioned was the “embargo period” that a newly published e-book might go through prior to it being available for purchase.  Under the old rules, a library could order many e-book copies. Now each system can buy only one when it goes on sale.  This new policy is in response to growing fears that library lending was “cannibalizing sales” of e-books. McDonnell stated that the American Library Association (ALA) is complaining about this practice.  Each of these trends will have an impact on libraries.

Among items included in a facility update:  the Library water heater broke last week and flooded the janitor’s closet down to the emergency exit; tile broke and was repaired on top of the stairs; the outdoor sign was fixed and re-installed; and the attic is presently being cleaned out so as to relocate some electronic equipment to a children’s “Maker’s” program.  The “sick” tree was removed, a new book drop was installed, and the old fire alarm boxes are being changed for a new system that will carry a monthly fee.

The Trustees adjourned at 8:42 PM, to meet again on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. 

Publisher’s note:   For further reading about the new e-book purchase policy:

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Yvette Cain

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  1. Sue Schapp on November 8, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    More parking would be a wonderful thing! Any chance the TD Bank building would be available for expansion?

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