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One of the newest shops downtown is one of a kind. When you walk in the door you hear music.  This is a vintage record shop, a record cleaning shop and a small British candy store.  All in one!  You walk in hearing old favorites playing while you search the numerous bins of record collections looking for that long lost favorite tune.  Records of all sorts are there to explore. There are even comfortable, individual listening stations so you can check out the sounds of a record you want to purchase

But, you must meet David Burton, the shop’s owner.  Not only are his collections of tunes awesome, his work cleaning vinyl (records) is magic in the making. 

Dave Burton when he’s not being the Genie.

His specialized equipment brings back the clarity of your old favorites by cleaning them ultrasonically.  You can see the process taking place in the shop. Both the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner and Klaudio KD-CLN-LP200 machines quietly bring life back to LP’s. Equally intriguing is the Furutech DF-2 unit that flattens warped records.  Wow…

David has been the go to person since the summer of 2013 with happy customers from all across the US and beyond.  Before setting up shop in Holliston, he ran the shop from home but needing more space, he has come to Holliston at 785 Washington St. (right beside Superette and Hill’s Clock Shop). Future plans include selling quality Hi-Fi stereo equipment at the shop. He’s also continually on the lookout for records, tapes and CD’s to buy for the shop. Rates are very reasonable and the high quality of his workmanship makes this a stop you want to make. Stop in, browse, and meet David.  It’s a fun experience and who knows, that long lost tune may be there just waiting for you.   Facebook/RecordGenie and are two great ways to be informed.

Holliston welcomes Record Genie Music & HiFi, may you do well.

Publishers’ Note: We welcome Record Genie as our newest supporter (advertiser). Thank you Dave for your support.

Ken Henderson

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  1. Dave Burton on November 20, 2019 at 9:54 am

    Thanks Ken! I’d like everyone to know I’m running a couple of cleaning service specials: Bring a record from your collection that you know well, something you play and enjoy, and I’ll clean it for you for free! I could talk about technical this and that, but go home and play it again, and you’ll know if you like the cleaning! Plus, new customers get 20% off cleaning your first 9 records with the “Try It Out” offer. Pop in and say hello, or check out or or email me at or call/text on 508-429-3345 with any questions. Thanks, Dave B. 🙂

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