Select Board Takes Care of Business

Following an Executive Session, the Select Board met Monday evening, beginning open meeting session at 7:05 PM.  Warrants were quickly approved, and members of the Board shared public comments of local appeal and concern.  John Cronin, Select Board Vice Chair, reported that he received comment of observed friction between the Finance Committee and the Select Board during the October 28 Special Town Meeting.  Cronin looks forward to working with the Finance Board in their joint work toward Spring Town Meeting. 

Chair Mark Ahronian announced that upcoming Veterans Day celebrations would include a parade followed by dinner for veterans supported by the VFW, American Legion, and the Holliston Lions Club.  The dinner will be held in the upper Town Hall.  Tina Hein, Clerk, mentioned that work was being done on the MVP grant.

Town Administrator, Jeff Ritter, reported that progress is being made toward a contract with a solar vendor for the panel planned for Marshall Street.  Next Tuesday, November 13, at 7 PM, Town Clerk Elizabeth Greendale will present a training session on the topic of Open Meeting.  Members (especially those who are new) of boards and committees as well as staff are encouraged to attend.  Ritter also thanked Tine Hein for submitting a grant application to Safe Routes to School.

EverSource Gas representatives Dan Henry (Gas Operations Manager) and Melissa Hancock (Community Relations Representative) provided an update on the state of Holliston’s gas pipes.  Henry said that of the 26 towns he in his service area, Holliston would rank #24 on his list of concern.  Henry reported 2 Class 2 leaks in Holliston that would be taken care of before the end of the year.  Additionally, there are 27 active Class 3 leaks that are monitored and checked annually.  Hancock added that if there were any Class 1 leaks, these would be repaired immediately.  No Class 1 leaks were reported.  Clarifying questions concerning the type of materials used for pipes revealed that plastic is preferred, as it does not bend with varying temperatures and does not corrode.  Cast iron will break with changes in temperatures. Steel pipes do corrode.  More information was requested and will be sent to Town Administrator Ritter concerning the location, material, and quantity of pipes needing replacement.

The 9 Green Street Committee will have to request funding from the Annual Town Meeting for any proposed work.  The 145 Marked Tree resident’s request to change a driveway opening was not approved.  Approval was passed for a Humanitarian Award to be given by the Select Board to a resident of or worker in Holliston who exhibits compassion, consideration and caring.  This award is planned for some time in November.

The Septage Committee was charged and three members approved:  Herb Brockett, Paul Saulnier, and liaison Mark Ahronian.  Sherborn was awarded $50,000 that will be split equally to establish a part time Sustainability Coordinator for each community.  Both Coordinators will communicate with and explore options benefitting both communities.  Ritter expects that Holliston’s Coordinator will begin about January 1, 2020.

The Board increased the number of members from 7 to 9 and appointed members to the Traffic Advisory Committee.  The following have been appointed:  Max Emory, Henry Delicker, Drew Horton, Matthew Stone, Police Chief, Michael Cassidy, Fire Chief, Tina Hein, Select Board member, and Jaime Sipsma, who spoke before the Board.  Sipsma is a recent transplant (from Naperville, IL and Connecticut) to Holliston and is interested in improving sidewalks and access to the rail trail.

AP Associates has been contracted for the Water Treatment Facility and work on Well #5 was approved.  The MVP Grant is underway and due on November 15.  Approval was also granted for a one-day liquor permit for the Veterans Day event in Upper Town Hall on Monday, November 11.

The Select Board will meet on Tuesday evening, November 12, next week.

Yvette Cain


  1. shaw lively on November 5, 2019 at 10:49 am

    What is the Septage committee? I probably missed earlier meeting notes where it was established.

    • Chris Cain on November 6, 2019 at 4:37 pm

      Shaw – Thank you for asking. The existing waste system at the Town Hall is not functioning as needed. This committee has been formed to recommend a long-term solution for this persistent problem.

  2. Susan Haley on November 6, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    What is the MVP grant? Thanks.

    • Chris Cain on November 6, 2019 at 4:41 pm

      Susan – Thank you for asking a question that others may have. MVP (don’t we love acronyms) stands for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness. It is a State sponsored effort to guide / support towns as they deal with environmental changes. Holliston is applying for financial support through this initiative.

  3. Bill Simmons on November 7, 2019 at 11:55 am

    What about the blinking lights downtown? Huh?

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