Holiday Luncheon for Seniors Hosted by Holliston Police Association

SGT Glenn Dalrymple, on behalf of the Police Association members, welcomed and thanked the guests while Linda Marshall modeled her animated holiday hat. She came close to hitting Glenn with the jingle bell on her hat!
This is not your typical lineup. Linda asked the Police Association members to introduce themselves. A big part of the luncheon is building HPD / community relations.
Guests nibbled on the appetizers while thay waited for Linda to invite them to be served.
Upon entering the serving area, one was confronted with a gauntlet of servers – most armed with tongs (in addition to their uniform gear).
While this side had more smiles, Chief Stone’s line had more customers because he was dispensing extra bread and lots of gravy!
Did someone say pie? The Police used Out Post Farms to provide the dinner and an assortment of their fine baked goods. You might think that this soon after Thanksgiving, people might be ‘pied out’ – guess again!
SGT Dalrymle, and his sidekick SGT Waugh, made many friends with the selection of pies they served.
Not only do these dedicated officers protect, and serve (dinner in this case), they also clean up the place. Thank you HPD for a wonderful meal and for keeping our community safe.
The ultimate beneficiary of the meal was the Holliston Pantry Shelf.
Happy Holidays!

Chris Cain

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