HPD by the Numbers: November Statistics

Recently we began publishing a monthly update from Chief Matthew Stone about HPD’s personnel and public interaction.  We want to add to his update a monthly look at the types and amount of protective work our law enforcement officers do to keep us safe.  Our purpose in providing this information is educational.

LT George Leurini assembled the following data.  His time and effort are greatly appreciated as we work to let Hollistonians know just how much our police personnel do to protect and serve.

These totals are for the entire month of November.

Alarms 86
Animal Incidents 22
Assist Citizens 47
Check 911 9
Check Prisoner 313 (2 checks per hour)
Citizen’s Complaint 9
Community Interaction 38
Disabled Motor Vehicle 9
Disturbance 2
Domestic 12
Identity Theft 3
Investigation 8
Juvenile 10
K-9 22
Medical Calls 59
Mental Health 14
Notification 5
Parking Complaint 4
Property Checks 313
Property; Found 8
Property; Lost 2
School Resource Officer 15
Suspicious Activity 47
Traffic Complaints 20
Traffic Enforcement:
Verbal Warnings 63
Written Warning 91
Arrests 8
Civil (Fine) 7
Criminal (Summons) 8
Well-being Check 20
Wires Down 10

As this is the first such report, we are interested in your feedback. Please share your observations, ideas, and thoughts via Pubs.holliston.reporter@gmail.com

Chris Cain

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  1. Sue Schnapp on December 17, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Very interesting but I miss Paul’s police report.

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