Knights’ Drive Draws Blood!

Rod Burgett, Tony Polise, and Nikita Bhatnagar

These smiling faces greeted donors as they entered St. Mary’s Hall for the annual Knights of Columbus Red Cross Blood drive. Knight Rod Burgett, chairs this event each year. He is joined by his fellow Knights to staff the sign-in desk and the refreshment canteen.

Knights Frank Caron and Tony Alexander monitored the treats at the refreshment table.

The Red Cross staff had plenty of beds for the anticipated donors. There was a steady stream of donors. Perhaps they came in just to get warm – or at least get a warm feeling from donating.

Nicole G. of the Red Cross Power Red Team prepares for donor Nick Calapa

The Red Cross website describes a Power Red donation as: “allows you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation.” One appointment equals two donations.

No matter how much each donor gives, each donation goes on to save many lives.

Many thanks to the Knights for running this event – especially this time of year when blood supplies are low.

Chris Cain

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  1. Tom Anguish on January 23, 2020 at 9:34 am

    Rod Burgett and Dick Masson did a great job coordinating this event, and our council thanks all the people who generously donated on a cold day. These donors helped many people with their contribution. God bless you all.

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