Service Learning at Holliston High School

HHS Social Studies teacher Kaitlin Mills

HHS Social Studies teacher Kaitlin Mills introduced a new elective course during the Fall 2019 term – Service Learning. The junior and senior students began by brainstorming local issues, then went out to interview family and citizens, and conducted research on a potential project. Ultimately, each project was presented to the class for final validation before launching off to complete their project. Each project involved one or more students.

Family, school administrators, and School Committee members heard from the excited students about what the experience meant to them – more on that later.

Below are photos of each participant with the project they worked on.

Bags of Hope the project of Caroline Beaudet and Ashley Vargas provided bags of essentials for those who are victims of human trafficking.
Caroline worked separately on Feeding Hope – finding help for those with eating disorders.
Sophia Joseph worked to Stop the Cycle – supporting the Pantry Shelf. Working to find a permanent feeding solution.
Billy Bridges, Matisse Carmack, and Nico Doyle aka “Retirement Rock” brought music to seniors at the Residence at Valley Farm as a way to reduce elder isolation.
Megan Forman and Aleiagh Hynds used photos mixed with colors to illustrate the many looks of mental illness in our communities.
(L-R) Maddie Kinder, Kelty Kober, Mia Feliz, and Riley Robinson not only completed the project – doing small acts of kindness, but they founded a new group at HHS – “The Do Good Club”
Hannah Emile Ellis focused on the Plastic Crisis. During her research she discovered a commercially available biodegradable substitute to our current plastics. She has raised money from sales of her biodegradable creations that she will put toward installing a water bottle refilling station at the high school.
Sophia Braun brought us “From, the Students”
Kyra Reinstein, Sophia LoRicco, and Natalie Frey delivered personal items to homeless vets through their “Love 4 Vets” project. Their project was previously highlighted last November in the Holliston Reporter
Photo courtesy of Ken Robinson. The smiling faces of people who made a real difference.

As we spoke with each participant, we asked what they had taken away from this different way of learning. First and foremost each student we talked with was proud of what they had accomplished. We heard: ” a sense of purpose, partnership, find a passion to do something, real life skills, and self-confidence.”

This learning format positions students with planning and execution skills that will serve them for years to come. The course will be offered again next Fall.

What an inspirational evening!

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  1. Ed Daniels on January 27, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    Awesome job… love to see a class that inspires this work, Ms. Mills!

    I feel Holliston does a great job at giving several options for students. Natl Honor Society, Leo’s Club, scouts programs and many more! Great to see.