Warm Winter Gives Parks and Recreation a Jump on Field Renovations

From Mark Frank, Director of Parks and Recreation

The unseasonably warm start to the winter has given the Parks and Recreation Department the opportunity to get an early jump on the renovation projects at Adams Field and the Little League Fields. 

Holliston Youth Baseball and Softball (HYBSA) has been in close communication with Parks and Recreation since the field renovation project was in its earliest planning stages and has been extremely helpful and supportive of this process.  Holliston has a vibrant baseball community who work together to make sure we have the best playing conditions possible.  

At special Town Meeting in October, the community voted to allow for CPC (Community Preservation Committee) funding to be used to restore the Adams, Goodwill, Mission Springs, Stoddard, and Patoma baseball and softball fields.  

Thanks to the very mild start to 2020, the Holliston-based Drake Group, who was awarded the contracts for the field renovations, has started the process of bringing our fields up the standards of the community.  This early work is vitally important to get the fields into shape without interrupting play this spring.

The Drake Group at work on the Adams field earlier this month.

Parks and Recreation is also investing in improvements to Flagg Field, introducing a clay mix to the infield for better playability.

Photo courtesy of Tim Drake

At Adams, the old infield material has been excavated out, and a new clay mix will be brought in. The mound will be repaired and reshaped to a proper height, and the base paths will be sodded to ensure smooth transitions around the diamond. 

Photo courtesy of Tim Drake

The Little League baseball and softball fields will be lowered and leveled, eliminating the lips that have developed at several of them. Work is already underway at a few of the fields that require the most attention.  In addition, drainage will also be addressed at several sites in order to help the ground dry out faster.  This process will make maintaining the fields an easier task going forward.  

The Parks and Recreation department has an eye on ongoing maintenance as well. The town approved the purchase of an infield grooming machine that will be purchased this spring.  The town is also looking forward to help from the highway department as well as arranging for some contracted work to keep the fields looking good through the spring. 

In the long term, the Department has been talking with the Select Board to coordinate work with the incoming facilities manager that addresses solutions to improving maintenance practices on a more permanent basis. 

While we may end up buried in snow for the majority of the next few months, Parks and Recreation is thrilled that the weather these past two weeks has afforded this opportunity so that we can all say “PLAY BALL!” as soon as the sun comes out this spring!   

Questions about field renovations or other Parks and Recreation business can be directed to Mark Frank at 508.429.2149. Registration is ongoing for Winter Programs that can be accessed online at https://holliston.activityreg.com/ClientPage_t2.wcs

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  1. Stacey Raffi on January 12, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Great news! Thanks to all who are making this happen!