Civics Sunday: Candidates To Date and Holliston Reporter Town Election Support

Two weeks ago we published the announcement from Town Clerk, Elizabeth Greendale that stated, “To qualify as a candidate, you must be at least 18 years old, a registered Holliston voter, and collect 50 signatures from Holliston registered voters by March 31, 2020.  The Town election is May 19, 2020.”

Nomination forms became available at the Town Clerk’s office on Monday, February 3rd. As of February 6th, the following candidates have taken out nomination forms.

Calling All Candidates!

Publishers of the HollistonReporter invite all candidates vying for an elected position in Holliston’s town government in the spring of 2020 to submit a Statement of Intent.  We provide the “stage” for broadcasting your message to Holliston residents.

Statements of Intent must be submitted electronically and received by April 15, 2020.  Email to:  

Please observe the following criteria:

  1. Include your name, address, and position to which you aspire;
  2. State your interest in this position and relevant qualifications;
  3. Present your views on issues pertinent to this office/board/committee;
  4. Restrict content to yourself rather than maligning others and their ideas; and
  5. Limit your statement to one typed page of 500 words or less.
  6. Option: attach a .jpg formatted photo of yourself.

STATEMENTS WILL BE PUBLISHED ONLY IF RECEIVED BY APRIL 17. This date provides time for you to obtain and file your nomination papers (due by March 31).  The Holliston Reporter reserves the right to edit your statement.

For this year’s Town Election, we are offering candidates the opportunity to have an advertisement posted on the HollistonReporter pages. The ad would run from the time we receive payment through May 19th. The cost of such a ‘paid political advertisement’ is $100.00 for the entire election season. All political ads will be 180X240 pixels in size. Candidates who are interested in placing a political advertisement can get additional information by contacting us at

Thank you in advance for helping Holliston voters make informed decisions on May 19 at Local Elections.

Note from the PublishersIt is our mission to provide unbiased reporting on all facets of life in Holliston as a service to our community.

The Publishers

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