Civics Sunday: Presidential Primary

Holliston is one of the 351 communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to cast ballots on (or before) March 3, 2020. All Holliston voters will vote at the High School Field House. The polls on that Tuesday will open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm.

On each ballot are candidates for President; State Committee Man; State Committee Woman; and Town Committee Members.

There are four different party ballots (in alphabetical order): Democratic Party; Green Rainbow Party; Libertarian Party; and Republican Party. Voters affiliated with one of the parties use their party’s ballot. Unenrolled voters may choose any one of the four party’s ballots.

The voting process is the same for ALL voters – regardless of ballot used.

  1. Check in – Provide your street address and name to the poll checker and identify the party ballot you will use to vote. This information will be repeated by the checker to confirm accuracy.
  2. Mark your ballot – Use the marker provided at the voting kiosk to fill the oval identifying your choice for Presidential Candidate; State Committee Man; State Committee Woman; and your choices for Town Committee. If you are writing in a candidate, mark the oval by the write-in line and legibly print the candidate’s name.
  3. Check out – Repeat the check in process at the check out table (before casting your ballot). Again, the poll checker will repeat your information to confirm accuracy.
  4. Cast your ballot – Insert your ballot into the scanner (the machine will accurately scan ballots no matter which way you insert the paper ballot). Do not leave the ballot box until you receive the ‘ballot successfully cast’ message from the scanner.

Early primary voting is available across the Commonwealth. In Holliston, early voting will take place as shown above. The voting process is generally the same as outlined earlier – step 4 for early voting is to seal your ballot in a labeled envelope (provided at the Check in table). The envelopes will be held under lock and key until they are opened and scanned on March 3rd.

A sample ballot for each party is shown below and also can be viewed online – In addition, the four sample ballots will be posted at the polls.

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