Great Information from the Youth and Family Services Newsletter

From Jackie Winer, Y&FS Director

The Youth and Family Services’ March newsletter, The Bubble, contains abundant information for residents.  

Intern Sarah White’s “Spotlight Topic” coincides with March being “National Nutrition Month.”  “The Family Dinner Project suggests that making an hour of time in your day to spend with your family members, unplugged, can help build literacy and sequencing skills in younger kids.”  Additionally, it’s a time to share family stories and build connections.  White cites several helpful websites for more information.

Continuing with the theme of Nutrition, Community Therapist Kirsten Rancourt writes, “How Our Eating Habits Can Influence Mental Wellness.”  Nutritional Psychology, an emerging area of study, notes that a majority of our consumed calories come from processed, sugary foods that may have an impact on ”how we feel after eating these foods…and even the next day.” Rancourt provides us with suggestions for changing our diet and an list of resources. 

A list of “Games to Play Around the Dinner Table” with an explanation of each is included in the March newsletter.  Activities are directed to a variety of age groups.

A new column, “Ask Ashley” answers the question “How do I talk to young people about their mental health?”  Conversation starters and a caring adult “can be a major protective factor in a child’s life.”

As always, a valuable listing of resources, monthly highlights and events comprise the pages of The Bubble.  For more details, be sure to read “The Bubble” in its entirety!  March Bubble

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