Library Trustees Get Update for February

Chair Kevin Robert Malone opened the meeting of Library Trustees.  The group reviewed and approved the minutes from the January 8 meeting.  Director Leslie McDonnell reviewed her Director’s Report.

The children’s library had many successful programs in February.  “Kids enjoyed the Makerspace program, as well as Paws for Reading,” said McDonnell.  The community of kids also enjoys a craft and a movie on Saturday mornings.  “This is good for now,” said Kara Peterson, ”but when the weather is warmer, this won’t draw a crowd.”

Using some money donated by Friends of the Library, McDonnell purchased the renewable digital service Hoopla. Hoopla, a digital media service offered by public libraries, allows patrons to borrow  music, movies, TV shows, e-books, audio-books, and comics for use on a personal computer, tablet, television, or phone.

Audio books are used most frequently, with TV coming in second, as Holliston patrons utilize Hoopla.  Users have commented on the ease of operation.  Jen Keen and Tammy Page will conduct classes March 26 and April 30 at the Senior Center to help people who would like to know more about using electronic devices.

McDonnell reported that her presentation of the FY2021 Library Budget to the Finance Committee went well.  She has presently not received any feedback.

Earlier this week, McDonnell finalized the draft of results from a recent survey.  She reported receiving well over 1100 returns, and highlighted some of the trends of the responses for the Trustees.  Overwhelmingly, patrons preferred that the library remain in its present location.

In an update of information-gathering concerning the TD Bank Building, McDonnell said that seven parking spaces presently used by library patrons belong to the TD Bank building.  (Parking was a problem reported by patrons on the aforementioned survey.) 

The building comprises 4900 square feet.  McDonnell visited the now empty site with Fran Colantonio, Chris Maio, Chris Canning, and others to assess the cost and potential for its use.  McDonnell will attend the Monday, March 9, Select Board Meeting when TD Bank acquisition is on the agenda.

Many enjoyed the Friends of the Library fundraiser, Mini-Golf, set up throughout the three floors of the library. 

McDonnell inquired whether she should investigate the use of security cameras in the library, since many area libraries make use of them. Trustees agreed, stating that these do help in the event a crime is committed.  McDonnell will begin gathering details. 

The next meeting of the Trustees is Wednesday, April 1.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.

Yvette Cain

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