Open Letter From Jackie Winer, Y&FS Director

To our Community,

Holliston Youth and Family Services is continuing to meet the needs of our clients and community, while we work collaboratively with Town Officials, Holliston Public Schools, the Board of Health, and Public Safety Departments, to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

The threat in Holliston continues to remain low, and our top priority at this point is to keep it that way. The Holliston Board of Health and our Emergency Management Director, Chief Cassidy, remain our primary point of contact for us. Based on their guidance and information we are receiving from the CDC, we have decided upon the following:

Starting yesterday Tuesday, March 17th all town departments will be closed to the public. 

From this point forward we will be providing the following: 

Telehealth Mental Health Care: We will be using a HIPPA compliant program called You will receive an email to log into a virtual waiting room and our session will start at the same times they normally do. This can be done on a smartphone or a computer. We will be in a private location and where you are is totally up to you. We recommend somewhere private and if not, that you use headphones. I’ve attached a teletherapy consent form to this email.  Please complete this and return to your therapist at your convenience. 

 Resources, and Referrals: community members looking for services should continue to call our office. We are still taking referrals and are able to support those who are most vulnerable during this crisis. Calls/messages can be left on ouroffice line at 508-429-0620. For more immediate assistance, please feel free to call my work cell (google number) at 508-306-4507.

Holliston Community Action Fund: The Holliston Community Action Fund has set-up an emergency relief program to help Holliston families at times exactly like this. Food gift cards, Walmart, Target, etc can be given as families need them. To learn more about the CAF visit their website.  All CAF referrals can be sent to Program Director, Jackie Winer at *And if you are among the more fortunate and would like to support this vital effort, please donate

For any clients with technology barriers or concerns regarding Telehealth, please let your clinician know and we can come up with another virtual plan (i.e. check ins via email or phone).  

COVID-19 has created enormous uncertainty; with our normal routines severely disrupted, many will be without their usual methods of coping (i.e. the gym, socializing with friends, etc.). We will have more time to ourselves and we WILL feel it. How we choose to respond to this crisis is up to us. That is why we’ve made the decision to be responsible and vigilant around our social distancing strategy. We will continue to monitor the situation and reevaluate our options going forward. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, Holliston Youth and Family Services.

Jaclyn Winer, LICSW, Program Director

Holliston Youth and Family Services

1750 Washington St, Holliston MA 01746

T|508.429.0620 ex. 356; F|508-429-5159 

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