HR Bright Spot: Students Assist in Grab and Go Meal Distribution

Luke Campbell and Sophia LoRicco are ready to make their deliveries.

Two Holliston High School students decided to use some of their spare time to help out the Grab & Go meal program, run by Holliston Public Schools’ Food Service and Holiday Dreams. The program was originally created so students or parents could pick up lunches at the Miller cafeteria loop while all Holliston Schools are closed.

Holliston senior Luke Campbell and junior Sophia LoRicco are volunteers, delivering lunches to students, and presently, dinners to entire families that cannot get out of the house.

“I knew that there were many families that relied on school lunches for food during the day, and that many parents could not work during this time. I sent an email to the food pantry, asking what they were doing for kids in Holliston in the free and reduced lunch program, and asked how we could help,” said Sophia.

“The food pantry director copied my email to Jonathan Gerber with the Holliston Dreams Foundation, and informed me that he was organizing meals for families in Holliston. I talked with Jonathan, and we decided it would be best if we helped to deliver meals to families who can’t leave their house to pick up the lunches.” 

Three weeks ago Sophia and Luke delivered lunches to 5 families in Holliston.  Each day the program has grown. The lunches are made by the lunch staff at Holliston Public Schools, and the Holiday Dreams Foundation has added the dinner delivery to this program. Now the two are delivering lunch to 30 families (about 50 lunches), and dinner to about 30 families (100 meals). 

Luke and Sophia have recruited a few people to help with deliveries: Sophia’s mom and brother (Jennie and Anthony LoRicco), and their friends Charlotte Steeves, Kyra Reinstein, and Dylan Ibbitson. They love making the deliveries and bringing some light into this town during these hard times! 

Sophia and Luke agree that the most fulfilling aspect of the program is seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids and parents. They have even received some notes and pictures written/drawn by kids, thanking them for the food!

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  1. Aaron Snyder on April 10, 2020 at 7:32 am

    What a wonderful gesture by to amazing HHS students. So proud to see that even during this unique time, the spirit of giving and helping others is still so very strong. Bravo to Luke and Sophia!

  2. Nora on April 10, 2020 at 9:49 am

    Thank you! You are really helping our town. I think it is really nice of you to volunteer to do this!

    -Nora, age 9

    Publishers’ Note: We are exempting this comment from our full name guidance in deference to 9-year old Nora. We agree with you! Chris and Yvette Cain