Project 351 2020: Meet Holliston’s Ambassador Pranav Govindarajan

Pranav Govindarajan, this year’s Project 351 Ambassador representing Holliston, is an eighth grader at Robert Adams Middle School.

Project 351 is a youth-led service nonprofit organization currently convened under the leadership of Governor Charlie Baker.

Project 351 engages eighth-grade Ambassadors from each of the cities and towns in Massachusetts in a 12-month program of service learning, leadership development, and civic engagement.

Hometown educators select Ambassadors who have demonstrated an exemplary ethic of service and the values of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude, with a special premium on ‘unsung heroes’ and quiet leaders, and the rich diversity of our Commonwealth.

Pranav describes his experience below.

“I want to thank my teachers and school for giving me the opportunity to participate in this incredible program. It feels good and makes me happy when I get to help other people who might need it. While making a difference, you give your energy and skills to help people and you get to connect with them, and that is very powerful. My parents and teachers have always taught me that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a huge difference in our community.”

Pranav stands with Massachusetts’ First Lady Lauren Baker during Launch Day.

“My Project 351 Launch Day on January 18th was truly memorable. I got to meet like-minded students, hear from leaders of the state, help the community, and build lasting friendships. I met the rest of my Pete Frates Service Team members and traveled to UMASS Boston, where we made meals for families. Different Service Teams participated in different community service projects around the city. This year, on Launch Day, Project 351 impacted 46,008 families. It was a fantastic feat and we will continue to help the community for the rest of the year as Ambassadors and many more years to follow as Alumni.”

A Spring Service experience is a campaign that each Ambassador conducts in his/her hometown to benefit Cradles to Crayons, a nonprofit organization that provides children from birth to age 12, in homeless and low-income situations, with items that will allow them to thrive.

Due to the growing impact of COVID-19, unfortunately, the Project 351 Spring Service Drive has been suspended for now. Throughout the rest of the year, Ambassadors will also participate in Memorial Day Service, Leadership Reunion, 9.11 Tribute Service, and Fall Service aimed to end world hunger.

“Through my service as an Ambassador I would like to honor and convey my gratitude to my teachers, parents Govind Rangasamy, Bhuvana Palaniappan, little brother Sanjit Govindarajan, and mentors RAMS Principal Mr. David Jordan, Officer Michael Woods, and Shihan Philip Sargente who have shaped me into the person I am today. They have always been supportive, encouraging, inspiring and taught me to be respectful, compassionate, a team worker and persevere.”

Pranav with other members of the R.A.M.S. Leadership Team

Pranav concluded by quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘“The time is always right to do what is right.” It is time for us to come together and help children in need because it is the right thing to do.”’

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