Superintendent of Schools Offered Shawsheen Tech Position

At its Tuesday evening meeting, the Shawsheen Valley Technical School Committee selected Holliston Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brad Jackson as its next superintendent pending contract negotiations which are planned for next week.

Dr. Jackson sent a note to members of Holliston’s School Committee Wednesday morning, informing them that he had been offered “the position as their next Superintendent-Director, subject to successful contract negotiations.”

After an unsuccessful search for a Superintendent, the Shawsheen Tech search committee reached out to Dr. Jackson, who had withdrawn his name earlier from consideration, with the idea of a short term–2-3 year commitment.  With that condition, Jackson agreed to a public interview on Tuesday evening.

In a note from Dr. Jackson this morning to the Holliston Reporter, he writes, “If we are able to come to terms, then I will be resigning my position in Holliston.”

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Yvette Cain

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  1. Greg Carey on May 1, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Holliston was very fortunate to have Brad Jackson as its Superintendent. He did a terrific job! Thank you very much, Brad, and good luck.