Coaches Share Thoughts About Teams and 2020 Senior Players – Winter Sports

Contributed by Elexa Reiss, HHS Junior

As we are all living through interesting times, it is a good time to reflect on the impact the athletes from The Class of 2020 had on Holliston High School. Beginning with EEE and ending with Covid19, it was certainly an interesting year. There were lots of highlights in between, including State Championships and tournament appearances. As a way to appreciate these seniors, I have reached out to all Varsity Coaches at HHS to reflect on our amazing seniors and their dedication and commitment to their sport.

Girls’ Varsity Hockey

“Izzy Larche, our Senior Captain this year, had a great year. One thing that will always stand out was her goal in the final game vs Natick. Needing a win or tie to go to the MIAA playoffs–Izzy made a heroic end to the end rush and capped it off with the game-tying goal in the 3rd period. Her leadership and ethic were major reasons for our return to tournament play” -Coach Karl Infanger.

Boys’ Varsity Hockey

“This season I had a large group of seniors, ten to be exact. Many different memories over the course of the year, but a couple keep coming to the top of my mind. Beginning of the season there is a lot of excitement, especially with the senior players who are anxious to get to work. Our first weekend we had an overnight game down on the Cape. The bus leaves Friday right after school. I remember getting on the coach bus and just looking back to where the players were sitting and the glow on their faces was a sight to behold. The excitement and the happiness of our season about to kick off was precious. Right then I knew this team was going to be different.

“The second moment was about a minute left in the final game of our Christmas tournament at the Warrior Center. We had a large lead and the players knew we were going to win. The ear-to-ear grins on their faces, the hugging, high fives, and elation was a memory I won’t soon forget. We went on to win the tournament.”- Dan Geary

From the Christmas Tournament

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

“The 2019-2020 girls’ basketball season had many memorable moments and great team chemistry.This was in large part because of the leadership and contributions of our four seniors: Jacqueline Alibrandi, Elizabeth Brady, Olivia Briggs, and Emily Downing. 

“I will remember the selfies, the book of quotes, the bus rides, the comeback in Hopkinton, Senior Night, and other great moments! They will be greatly missed by everyone in the program, and I am very proud to have coached them. Best of luck to ‘em, Lizzy, O, and Jackie!!” – Kurt Lorenzen

Boys’ Varsity Wrestling

“I would like to just say how important the four seniors I had since they were freshmen on the wrestling team were to the program over the last four years. Brian Garry, Spencer Fetrow, Dave Harding, and Jay Fisher are a big part of the reason that we have been able to turn the wrestling program around and put Holliston Wrestling back on the map.

“They all bought into what we were trying to do from day one as freshmen, and it made a huge difference to the success we were able to have over the last four years.  The sacrifices and dedication they made to this program were unmatched.  I couldn’t be more proud of them all.

“It was an absolute pleasure to coach all four of them.  They will be greatly missed. I know they will all have great success in the future and life in whatever they decide to do.” – Coach Mike Capobianco

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