HR Bright Spot: The Great Works Right Here in Holliston

From Abigail Furey

Your spring trip to Italy or France may have been cancelled, but you can see the Great Works right here in Holliston thanks to the Ingoldsby family.  Mother-daughter duo Sarah and 10-year-old Lily Ingoldsby, inspired by the Getty Museum Challenge, have set out to create and learn during our time at home.

On March 25, 2020, the Getty Museum challenged everyone to recreate art at home.

Sarah read about the challenge and shared it with Lily.  They decided to try one.  On April 5th, Sarah posted their first recreation: Girl With the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.  Sarah shared their work on her Facebook page and got an overwhelming reaction.  Their creativity with household items, Lily’s flawless expression, and Sarah’s photography skills made the recreation spectacular. 

Lily Ingoldsby as Girl With the Pearl Earring
April 2020

They came back Day 2 with Pierre Carrier-Bellause’s Portrait of a Ballerina, and the Ingoldsby ladies were hooked, as were their fans. 

Lily Ingoldsby as Portrait of a Ballerina
April 2020

There is so much beauty not only in the art they are creating, but the project the mother and daughter are working on together during this unusual time.  I asked Sarah about this experience with Lily. “ Lily and I have been able to create a shared interest in something which has been a lot of fun for both of us. I’m working full time still, and this allows us to carve out time each day to spend together and gives us a chance to create something we can both share in. I’ve been really loving doing this with her!” said Sarah. 

The recreations have garnered many fans.  The Ingoldsby’s were featured on WBZ on April 17th and on the Holliston Mill Artist Facebook page, as well as being shared on social media far and wide.  It is no surprise, their work is no ordinary recreation. 

The Ingoldsbys would love to continue this project with friends once we can safely reunite.  Sarah would love to see works with more than one subject, and Lily and her friends would be the perfect models.  As long as the team can find artwork that interests them, they will continue to create. 

Sarah and Lily are bringing us a moment of delight in our days and bonding and learning along the way.  This project will be a bright memory when they think back on this otherwise worrisome time.  Thank you Sarah and Lily for bringing this joy to our quarantine days!

Below is a look at some other Ingoldsby Originals.


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