The Recycling Center Reopens on May 23, 2020

And Other Important Business at the Select Board meeting.

Board Chair, Mark Ahronian calls the weekly meeting to order.

Select Board Chair, Mark Ahronian called the remote meeting to order at 7:10 pm (following an Executive Session)

Emergency Management Director, Fire Chief Michael Cassidy’s weekly COVID-19 update:

  • The Marshall Street Recycling center will reopen Saturday May 23 from 8 am to 3 pm.  It will also be open on Sunday May 24 for the same hours.  Social distancing and face coverings are to used when using the recycling center.
  • There will be a Police presence to expedite vehicle traffic on Marshall Street.  Marshall Street residents should be aware of this increase in traffic.
  • The center will be open in the coming weeks on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 – 3.
  • Holliston has 49 total cases of COVID-19 with 23 cases still active
  • The Library is planning to resume curbside service next week.  Look for details on the Library website.
  • The Parks department is working out how to open parks and beaches.
  • The Memorial Day ceremony (no parade) will be broadcast on HCAT.  Residents should not attend the event but rather view the broadcast / rebroadcast.
  • Voting by mail is encouraged by the Town Clerk. 
  • It will be several weeks before Town offices re-open with enhanced safety features in place.
  • Keeping a 6-foot distance from others and wearing face coverings are still part of our lives.
  • The phased re-opening plan put forth by the Governor will be timed by data not date.
  • The re-opening plan has MANDATORY standards.  Chief Cassidy will be educating impacted businesses and houses of worship.
  • The Town will apply for COVID-19 expense reimbursement from FEMA and CARES Act.
  • Chief Cassidy is available to direct businesses, etc. needing PPE to reliable vendors.
  • The Chief confirmed that the Town continues to be under the Emergency Declaration executed on March 11, 2020

People who need a Recycling Center sticker should contact the Tax Collector’s office via phone or e-mail (or place the request in the mail drop at the back door of the Town Hall) as soon as possible to receive the sticker in the mail.  It is POSSIBLE that a valid license / registration with a Holliston address will suffice for admittance to the recycling center.

Warrants: The Board approved Warrants totaling: $1,468,092.48.

Public Comment: Chief Cassidy shared that this is National EMS Week and acknowledged the members of Holliston’s Ambulance crews for their heroic efforts.

Report of Town Administrator: Jeff Ritter reported that the Finance Committee will be meeting Tuesday (tonight) and that he has begun developing a transition plan for his replacement so that no critical work is lost during the personnel change.

FY 21 Budgets: The Board approved 0% budgets for: Building Dept – $152,155; Conservation – $54,000, and Town Vehicle Fuel – $115,000.

Building Official, Chris Canney (L) and Conservation Agent, Ryan Clapp (R) present their department’s budgets.

Sustainability Coordinator Update:  Matt Zetteck updated the Board on his recent activities.  In light of the pandemic disruption, he recommended deferring acceptance of the $100,000 MVP Action Grant.  The Board approved the drafting of a letter deferring the grant and authorizing Matt to join forces with a regional effort related to climate change.

Revised Electric Aggregation Plan: Mr. Zettek informed the Board that the public comment phase of the Revised Plan passed with NO comments being submitted.  The Board approved the plan and authorized it to be sent on to MA DPU.

9 Green Street Update: Town Health Director, Scott Moles presented the Committee’s recommendation that the current building be razed, and the area be covered by asphalt to seal the site for future parking.  Committee member Brian Moran added that further engineering work is needed to determine the current extent of the contamination plume underground.  It has been determined that the stream running nearby has not been contaminated.

Town Hall Septic Update:  Director Moles updated the Board on the septic system replacement plan.  The planning should be completed in time for a funding vote at the fall Town Meeting.  The Board thanked the First Church of Christ for its cooperation on this project.

Board Business:

Town Counsel, Jay Talerman discusses 1/12th budgeting with the Board.
  • Town Counsel, Jay Talerman, will be working with the Town to prepare a 1/12th budget.   The Board will accelerate its FY 21 revised budget reviews to complete them by the end of next week so the full extent of the funding needs are known as soon as possible to prepare the first 1/12th budget to submit.
  • The Town Meeting Warrant continues to be tweaked by the Town Administrator and Select Board.
  • The Board appointed Yvette Cain to the Council on Aging.
  • The Board accepted a $300 donation from a Fieldstone Drive family for unrestricted use by the Fire Department
  • The Board heard from local business owners asking for temporary approval of ‘sidewalk’ sale formats to allow more space to do business while meeting pandemic guidelines.  Mrs. Hein will lead a group to develop such a policy and get Town Counsel review.  Speed is of the essence to have the approved policy in place when re-opening guidelines allow for such outlets to do business.  It is envisioned that this would be a temporary policy rather than a zoning by-law change and would be applied for by individual business owners and approved on a case-by-case basis.  The business owners were very pleased with the Boards support of getting back to business.
  • Facilities Manager, James Keast presented two items for the Board’s action:
    • Sign a contract with Cornerstone Building Services to replace doors and repair the cupola at the Pinecrest clubhouse.  The Board authorized Mr. Ahronian to sign the Contract.
    • Authorize Mr. Keast to proceed with the remediation of contamination at the 260 Woodland Street property.  The Board authorized the work to proceed with the resulting costs to be paid by reserve fund transfer at a later date.
  • There were no Year-end transfers

Other Business:

Other Business:

Mrs. Hein asked that Jeff Ritter set up a joint meeting of the Board with the Planning Board and Town Counsel to pursue all options to correct the continuing issue of truck traffic through residential streets near the Lowland Industrial Park.  Mr. Ritter will convene the meeting soon.

Also, Hein asked that the Town Accountant prepare a detailed listing of COVID-19 expenses incurred by the Town to date.  This report should be presented to the Board no later than June 1st. The deadline for submitting such expenses for reimbursement is June 5, 2020.  The Board a motion to request this report.

Mr. Ahronian announced that he feels comfortable having all three Select Board members in attendance at Town Hall for future meetings.  The table is large enough to give the space and face coverings will be worn.  Look for three masked characters at next Tuesday’s (Memorial Day is Monday) meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.

Chris Cain


  1. Richard Shansky on May 20, 2020 at 8:40 am

    Very nice summary, Chris. Thank-you.

  2. Stuart H. Primus on May 21, 2020 at 10:31 am

    I would like to bring to the table a traffic safety issue that has been ignored not addressed in the intersection of Hollis St. and Highland St. A school Zone where previously the home owner at 811 Higland Street was hit head on by a no stop driver leaving Hollis street. Issues range from a intersection configuration problem to not enough enforcement to plain negligence. Still no town accountability

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