HOLLISTON LIONS CLUB $10,000 Big Raffle is ON!

Limited Tickets Still Available!

The Holliston Lions Club would like to express our appreciation to those who already purchased tickets for the 2020 $10,000 Big Raffle. For the past 13 years, the Holliston Lions held the $10,000 Big Raffle and each year someone wins the $10,000 grand prize!  Only 300 tickets are sold (there are still a few tickets available for purchase). YOU could be this year’s WINNER!  But, you have to purchase a Big Raffle ticket to be in the drawing.

The event was originally scheduled at the beginning of the pandemic and stay-at-home advisory and had to be postponed. With continued uncertainty around Massachusetts re-opening, state regulations, and social distancing guidelines, we are not able to have the large gathering, with over 200 people in attendance, that we originally planned. 

The good news is we have made some changes to the eventwe hope will make it just as exciting as being there in person. Ticket holders are being contacted by Holliston Lions members to inform them of the following important changes:  

 August 22: We will do the initial ticket drawing and elimination to get down to the final 10 tickets. This will be recorded and broadcast if you would like to watch. You will be notified immediately if your ticket is still “Alive” and you have made it to the final 10. 

August 22- September 9: If your ticket gets eliminated before making it to the final 10 you will have a second chance to get into the final drawing by participating in the”11th Ticket Raffle”. 11th Ticket Raffle tickets will be available for purchase on-line for only $10. Only those who participate in the Big Raffle will be eligible to purchase 11th Ticket Raffle tickets. The winner of the 11th Ticket Raffle will join the final 10 selected on 8/22 for a chance at the $10,000 Grand Prize!

September 12: The final ten (10) ticket holders + the 11th ticket winner will be brought together to determine the 2020 $10,000 Big Raffle winner.  This final ten (10) elimination round will be broadcast live on HCAT & Facebook.  Per our tradition, during this time we will ask the finalists if they want to split the $10,000, or if we should continue to eliminate tickets. The decision to split must be unanimous! If even one person does not want to split, we keep eliminating tickets until we get a unanimous decision to split the grand prize, or there is only one person left. Details about this broadcast will be communicated at a later date.

We have a limited number of tickets available for sale. Tickets can be purchased at the Holliston Lions’ website, www.hollistonlions.org. In addition, we will still be holding our Silent Auction but it will be on-line with details and links coming soon. The Silent Auction will be open to anyone who wants to participate, you do not have to be a $10,000 Big Raffle ticket holder.

We need your help now, more than ever, as many charitable organizations, including the Holliston Lions, have had to cancel fundraising events while requests for support are increasing. Please help us sell-out our Big Raffle event and participate in our Silent Auction when it comes on-line.For more information contact Chairperson, Lion Debbie Kerrigan at BigRaffle@hollistonmalions.org

Doreen Martel

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