Town Hall Reopens

Early Thursday morning the Holliston Reporter ventured in to the Town Hall to view the changes employees and citizens encounter at the newly re-opened Town departments.

Just inside the front doors these safety placards provide the ground rules for those who chose to do business in the Town Hall.  Emergency Management Director, Fire Chief Michael Cassidy encourages citizens to continue to use electronic means for most Town business.

If you do choose to enter the main floor, you will be greeted with this view.  Social distancing markers on the floor and permanent barriers at all the service windows.

Below is the main floor view when you enter through the rear door.

Bonnie Conroy opens the Town Clerk’s office for the day. 

Notice the passthrough areas at the bottom for business transactions, while blocking the space between the faces of those conducting business.

The Town has hired a cleaning contractor to sanitize all high-touch areas in Town buildings twice a day.  As always, timing is everything.  Kay Olivera, co-owner of Nat Kay Cleaning Services was sanitizing the entry door handles as I arrived.

Not all Town departments are open for in-person business yet.  From today’s experience it is clear that our leaders have taken necessary precautions to keep employees and residents safe in Town buildings.

Chris Cain

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