Holliston Pantry Shelf Fully Re-Opens to Shoppers

with New COVID Safety Policies

August 10, 2020 – Holliston Pantry Shelf is pleased to announce that it is now fully re-opened to Shoppers, and is now fully stocked with a bountiful selection of fresh produce, refrigerated and frozen specials, as well as canned goods, personal care items and all other food items the Pantry stocked prior to the COVID Pandemic.  

The Pantry has implemented many new COVID-safe sanitizing procedures and policies to ensure that Shoppers and Volunteers are as safe as possible.  Daily professional COVID cleanings take place after each shift, and safe-shopping practices have been implemented that ensure mandatory mask wearing, hand sanitizing, disinfecting between shoppers and a limit of one shopper inside the Pantry at a time to ensure safe social distancing.

Shoppers are now welcome to shop whenever is convenient during open business hours, which are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 2 pm, and Wednesday evening from 4 – 7:30 pm.

“We are so pleased that through the generosity of the Holliston Community, both financially and with volunteerism, that we were able to continue to serve more than 200 Holliston families throughout this Pandemic crisis,” said Holliston Pantry Shelf President Keely Krantz.   “For seventeen weeks, when we had to close our Pantry doors to the public, dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to deliver Pantry groceries to each and every Holliston family in need.   We are thrilled to now welcome Shoppers back inside our Pantry doors, so that they can shop our fully stocked grocery aisles and choose the food items that are best for their own families.”

In addition, the Pantry has announced that current 2019 Pantry ID Cards will now be valid through next September 2021.   Shoppers are not required to submit an application for a new 2020 Pantry ID card, they will simply continue to use the card issued last year.

If a Pantry Cardholder is ill, has an emergency and are otherwise unable to shop at the Pantry, they may now call the Pantry phone line 509.429.5392 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 10 am and 12 pm to request a delivery.   The Pantry is offering a limited number of pre-filled grocery deliveries that may be accommodated each day.

If you need food assistance, and are not a Holliston Pantry Shelf Cardholder, please visit the Holliston Town Clerk to obtain a Pantry ID Card.

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