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Submitted by Kristin Dennison

Seven-year-old Cole Dennison became hero to his little brother Eli this past weekend, raising $358 with his contactless lemonade stand. 

Eli Dennison was born with Pitt-Hopkins, a rare genetic condition.  He’s had amazing success with an intensive physical therapy program from the Napa Center in Waltham, but the program is not covered by the Dennisons’ insurance. 

On Saturday, Cole held his contactless lemonade stand for Eli’s next session.  Additionally, Cole has pledged to add his piggy bank coins.

The Dennisons were “blown away” by the generosity of their neighbors.  They wish to thank everyone for their generosity and their kinds words of support.  

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  1. Michelle Zeamer on August 1, 2020 at 8:09 am

    Cole, you are a wonderful brother. Will you be having any more lemonade stands? If so, when and what is your address?

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