Introducing Our New Pages

Regular readers may have notice some changes in the look of the Holliston Reporter Home page. Similar to print news publications, we now have separate ‘sections.’

The Home page (where this article appears) is the ‘news’ page or section. The Milestones page is the section for life’s milestones: births, graduations, retirements, and obituaries. The Sports page is exactly that – where local sporting reports reside.

Items that appear on the Milestones or Sports pages do not appear as an item on the Home page. You can keep up to date on Milestones and Sports posts by viewing the Recent Milestones and Recent Sports listings in the far right column of the Home page.

Clicking on the Milestone or Sport item’s title will take you to the proper page to view the entire article.

As a way of introducing the new Sports page, there is an item posted today that appears at the top of the Recent Sports listing.

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