Knights of Columbus Continue Giving

Despite The Pandemic!

September 26, 2020 was to be this year’s Celebrate Holliston parade and field day. Despite the cancellation of the parade and field day, the Knights of Columbus Council 14224 conducted its 12th Annual Charity Raffle Drawing as scheduled.

The drawing was held on the scheduled date – just not the way it has happened for the past 11 years. This year, the Knights partnered with HCAT to broadcast the drawing live.

(L-R) Knight (of the Round Barrel) Tony Police, Steve Bradford for the Pantry Shelf, Grand Knight Al Scaramela, and Bryan Perkins Asst. Director of the Holliston Senior Center

Grand Knight Al Scaramela began by thanking all those who bought tickets to allow the Knights to make significant donations even during these difficult times. This year’s donations bring the Knights total donations since 2007 to (drum roll) – $233,000!

The first order of business was to disburse the donations to worthy recipients.

Senior Center Asst Director Bryan Perkins receives a $3,500 donation from the Knights
Past President of the Pantry Shelf, Steve Bradford accepts the Knights’ $3,500 donation.

Donations to be delivered at a later date will go to Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Charities, and other charitable groups.

Then it was time for what we all were waiting for – to see who won the $$$$. Below are the winning ticket numbers followed by the prize money.

  • 2506=$100
  • 3174=$150
  • 2302=$250
  • 2509= $500
  • 1499=$1,000

For those of you viewing the drawing, there were other Knights in the studio and behind the scenes to make the important charitable event happened as planned. First, all the Knights who sold tickets; in studio checking the ticket database as the winners were announced was Knight Aaron Pyman, and way behind the scenes was Knight Tom Anguish who is the heart and soul of the annual raffle.

Tom Anguish at last year’s raffle drawing.

Many thanks to the Knights Council 14224 for donating so much time and money to keep important Holliston resources available for our neighbors!

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Chris Cain


  1. Tom Anguish on September 27, 2020 at 11:55 am

    First, thank you for your great coverage of our drawing, Chris. Second, there’s no way we could have achieved this year’s success without the full commitment of our council, and I thank them with all of my heart. Al is more than our leader and really backs all our efforts. I’m just a cheerleader urging everyone to keep their eye on our goal. My brother knights and the very generous public supporting our campaign make the goal achievable, and it wouldn’t happen without them. Thank you all!

  2. Paul Saulnier on September 27, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Unsung heroes every one. The Knights are an asset to our community