HHS Varsity Soccer at Norton High School

Publishers’ Note: We are excited that High School sports are back and Ken Robinson is back – from a social-distance – catching our athletes in action.

The following photos are of the first HHS Varsity soccer game against Norton High School (at NHS), played on Saturday, October 10.  The result was a 1:1 draw. 

HHS played Norton again on Sunday, October 11, and won 2-0.  (No photos of this game.)

The captains this year are Owen Burke (10), Brendan MacLeod (3), and Idrissa Smith (2).  Also in the photos are Ryan Foley (8) and Nicholas Feffel (14).

Owen Burke moving the ball downfield.
Idrissa Smith in heavy traffic.
Owen has his eyes on the prize.
Owen wins the ball.
Ryan Foley fights for the ball.

Ken Robinson

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