Preliminary FY 21 Certified Property Values Released

The Holliston Assessors have received the go-ahead from the state to release preliminary fiscal year 21 certified values as of today, November 27, 2020.

You can view your new assessment here

Property record cards and lists are on the Assessors Webpage.  If you have a concern about your values, we are holding online hearings beginning today, November 27.  You can sign up for a Zoom appointment at the same site (here.)


Communities are subject to an exhaustive review and audit by the Department of Revenue every five years, and 2020 for fiscal year 2021 is Holliston’s year.  Value is established each January 1 based on market information from the prior year.  This year’s values are for Fiscal Year 2021 and based on market data from 2019.

Analysis of residential values was based on 147 valid single-family house sales between Jan 1-Dec 31, 2019. Analysis was also done on condominiums, multi families, and land sales.  

Based on the 147 valid single-family home sales, Holliston’s average sale price was $575,800. 

The average increases in Town assessments from fiscal year 20 to fiscal year 21 are as below. These do not include “new growth” created by new construction and other uses requiring a building permit.

Some residential neighborhoods saw greater or lesser value impacts than average percentage changes, mostly attributed to the market or growth.  Sales are stratified for analysis by style, size, condition, quality of construction, or neighborhood.  The goal of applying value is to apply change from the market in a uniform and consistent way.  

Current market
During COVID the real estate market has been incredibly robust.  Forbes  attributes this to individuals now working at home wanting to establish first homes in the suburbs.  The 2020 market is what we will analyze in respect to the Fiscal Year 2022 real estate billing.  

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  1. Mary Greendale on November 28, 2020 at 8:23 am

    The website is the Town’s page – connect from that page to Assessors by clicking on precertification story.

  2. Hillary Freeley on November 30, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    What is the average land value increase in Holliston?
    And how is a 24% increase in land value in one year make any sense what-so-ever for streets that have been long established with minimal sales during the past year? Anyone who lives on Alpine Drive, Arthur Street, Beaver Creek, Courtland Pines, Deer Run, Forest Park Drive, Great Meadow, Hillside, Old Sawmill, Pond View, Springdale Circle, Whispering Lane, Wilson all had a 24% increase in land value where the majority of the rest of Holliston, saw 0-15% and some streets a decrease in land value?? Most, if not all, of these streets are off of Marshall or Adams. I question how exhaustive the review actually was.

  3. Mary Greendale on December 1, 2020 at 10:02 am

    I can’t answer the specifics here, but we will look into this. That said, land value is constantly rising as the supply of available land declines. In fact, in some neighborhoods, the land has more value than the building/house on it. That is not necessarily the answer to these particular streets, so as I said, we will look at this and report back at the public hearing next Monday at the Select Board’s meeting. Thank you for calling our attention to this. It is the goal of this comment period to catch any anomalies.

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