Eagle Scout Candidate Builds a Bridge

Chris MacLean, Holliston High senior, chose as his Eagle Scout project the construction of a boardwalk over a section of trail in Wenakeening Woods frequently flooded and impassible. Upper Charles Conservation Land Trust (UCCLT), owner of Wenakeening Woods, was only too happy to accept Chris’s offer.

As an Eagle Scout candidate, Chris must plan and manage the project from start to finish. He recognized the need for the boardwalk and sought permission from UCCLT to build it. The next step was to design the boardwalk, prepare a budget, and seek approval and funding. Chris submitted his project plan and budget to Holliston’s Community Preservation Committee (by Zoom, of course) and Town Meeting approved funding under the Open Space provision of the Community Preservation Act.

On build day, Chris and his team were fortunate to have a rare December day with temperatures in the 50’s and no frozen ground for digging post holes. They utilized a purpose-built caddy that had been use for other troop projects to transport the heavy sections from the parking lot to the site, about a quarter mile away.

Work began about 11 AM with Chris directing scouts and other volunteers.

After hauling the prefabricated sections to the site, the next step was to drain the ponded water.

Then the post holes had to be dug through the mud and into solid ground.

Chris, with the help of other scouts and troop leaders (and Dads) in Troop 73, precut and fabricated sections of the boardwalk in his driveway to reduce time and effort on the site which would be wet and muddy.

Volunteers were diligent about spending under 15 minutes together when working less than 6 feet apart. As of December 21st, none of the volunteers has contracted the virus.

By 3:30 PM the boardwalk was complete, and the team posed for a picture.

Chris takes a minute to acknowledge Scout Leader Frank Chamberlain, above, and receives a “Covid-19 Thank You” from UCCLT board member Paul Saulnier, below.

Happy Trails.

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Paul Saulnier