Spring is in the Air! Time to WIN SOME GREEN!

Yes, I know the weather isn’t feeling much like spring but the calendar is showing that we’ll soon be dealing with longer, warmer days. Before Daylight Savings arrives on March 14, you have an opportunity to spend the last day of this part of 2021 with sunsets earlier than 6:00 pm winning some cash! How you ask? Simple: Support the Holliston Lions Club Winning of the Green!

What’s that you ask? For the 15th year in a row, the Holliston Lions Club is holding their Big Raffle. This means YOU get a chance to win all or part of $10,000 IF you purchase a ticket (TODAY!). Last year, each of the final winners (there were two) took home $5,000! Imagine what you could do with that kind of cash at the beginning of Spring.

Here’s How it Works

On Saturday, March 13, a small number of Holliston Lions will meet at HCAT (following COVID19 protocols) and we’ll begin drawing numbers from those submitted. Each number that is drawn is eliminated from the drawing! If your number is called, you STILL have a chance to get into the “Final 10” by purchasing a $10 “second chance” ticket! More details on that option will be provided to those who purchase a ticket. Once we have drawn 290 tickets (we’re only selling 300) the “Final Ten” will be notified – then the REAL FUN begins!

The FINAL TEN will join the Holliston Lions Club Big Raffle Committee via Zoom along with the lucky “11th ticket” winner. We’ll immediately draw one ticket and that person will be eliminated from the drawing. Then in turn, each person will be asked if they wish to SPLIT the winnings (which start at $10,000) – this must be UNANIMOUS! This continues until everyone agrees to split, or there is ONE PERSON REMAINING!

All of this will be live cast on HCATs Facebook page so you can join in and watch the fun and excitement! You don’t want to miss out on this – or do you want to miss a chance to WIN THAT CASH FOR YOURSELF! BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY ONLINE!

Keep in mind, like every other service organization, Lions are struggling to meet the financial needs of the members of our community. We have worked hard to make sure we continue to support the Holliston Pantry Shelf, Scholarships for Seniors, Holliston Tax Relief Fund, and more! You can help us meet our financial goals by supporting this important fundraising event.

Watch this space for more information on our Silent Auction which is held in conjunction with this raffle. You will have the opportunity to bid on a host of items from handmade throws and jewelry to gift certificates which were generously donated to the Holliston Lions Club.

Tickets are only $75 and they ARE GOING FAST! Gets yours today by visiting our website! Contact any Holliston Lions Club member for information or contact the Chair of the event 2nd VP Mike McKenna mmckenna@kraftpower.com if you have questions!

A thousand thanks to everyone who has continued to support the Holliston Lions Club!

Doreen Martel

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