Civics Sunday: Meet the Candidate – John D. Leary, Jr.

Hi, my name is John D. Leary, Jr. but most people know me better as “Jay.” I am running for the open position on the Board of Health in the upcoming May 2021 election, and I am asking for your support and vote.

Now, a little information about me and my family. I have been a resident since 1968. My wife and I were fortunate to be able to raise our family in Holliston. Both of us are graduates of the Holliston Public Schools along with all of our 5 children who are also graduates of the Holliston Public Schools and have gone on to have fulfilling careers in health care, education and public service.

Professionally, I am a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy where I obtained my pharmacy degree in 1981. I have been a licensed, practicing pharmacist for the past 40 years as a pharmacy owner, pharmacy educator, pharmacy consultant, pharmacy preceptor, pharmacy practice expert witness, pharmacy manager, and advocate for pharmacy legislative initiatives as a member and executive in many local, state, and national Pharmacy associations.

Town Service: I was a member of the Holliston Finance Committee for 9 years, a former member of the Holliston Select Board for 6 years, and a current member of the Cable Advisory Committee.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life of all citizens in our town, state, and country. It has drastically changed the way we conduct our lives. Now—more than ever—we need and seek strong leadership from our local Board of Health.

Here are the some of the initiatives I will seek to implement if elected to the Board of Health:

  1. Make sure we have the most up-to-date Holliston COVID 19 metrics.
  2. Advocate and work with state leaders to ensure that Holliston residents have access to life-saving vaccines (not just COVID), including ways to reach our homebound residents.
  3. Work with the Seniors through our Senior Center to develop access to quality health programs focusing on disease prevention.
  4. Forward plan for the next pandemic, health crisis to befall our town, state, and nation.
  5. Have a monthly HCAT show on current and important health issues.
  6. Re-energize the Holliston Emergency Response Corp, that I was a member of in past years, that would have been very handy to have up and running during this current pandemic.
  7. Make sure our Board of Health website is interactive and loaded with up-to-date and important health information.
  8. Outreach to residents highlighting the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Health.
  9. Work on environmental health issues affecting our Town.
  10. Set measurable and accountable goals for the BOH

Thank you for your time to read my Board of Health candidate message. I respectfully seek your vote in May 2021 at the Town election.

John D. “Jay” Leary, Jr. 146 Karen Circle

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