Civics Sunday: Select Board and School Committee Candidates Respond to Questions from Diverse Holliston

From Barbara Fritts Worby

Town elections are Tuesday, May 25.  In hopes of providing voters with helpful information, Diverse Holliston developed and presented a set of questions to each candidate of the Select Board and another set to the School Committee. Candidates were informed that their answers would be shared with the public.  Diverse Holliston does not endorse any particular candidate. 

Diverse Holliston is committed to creating a more equitable Holliston, a community that sees and values all of its residents as equals, regardless of country of origin, race, gender (expression and identity), religion, sexual orientation, ability, age, and socioeconomic status.  Although DH does not endorse any particular candidates, it hopes to facilitate voters making informed choices concerning which candidates most closely align with these goals.

Select Board: Two candidates —John Cronin (incumbent) and Anne Louise Hanstad—run for one available seat. 

Questions for the Select Board candidates:

  1. What is your vision for advancing the capacity of Holliston’s municipal services to truly serve all the diverse people that make up our town?
  2. Can you identify and systemic inequities in our town?  If so, what are they?  Which, if any, of Holliston’s legislative policies need to be re-examined to help correct systemic inequity and increase accessibility for all?
  3. What steps might the town consider taking in order to make the community more welcoming and accessible to residents of all racial/ethnic identities, gender identities, religions, sexual orientation, abilities, ages and socioeconomic statuses?  Do you have ideas about how to incorporate increasing access to Holliston with economic growth for the town?
  4. What does equitable effective governance for all diverse groups look like? What steps can Holliston take in hiring and appointing members of our town offices, boards, and committees so that these entities more accurately represent the increasingly diverse demographics of our town?

Follow this link to read the Select Board candidates’ answers:         Click this link

School Committee: Five candidates—Frank Sobchak, Amanda Bigelow, Minnie Gupta, Lisa Kocian (incumbent), and Karen DiModica— run for three available seats.

Questions for the School Committee candidates:

  1. Holliston Public Schools believe in an “emotional and physically safe school environment.” How do you see diversity, equity and inclusion affecting the development of our children’s health and wellbeing?
  2. What do we need to do differently to build out and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion in Holliston Public Schools?
  3. “Collaboration in education and learning which engages family and community” is another stated value of the Holliston Public Schools’ mission statement.  What will you do to support community members and Holliston Public Schools’ staff and administration in realizing that vision?

Follow this link to read the School Committee candidates’ answers:            Click this link

Please plan to vote on May 25, at the High School Field House, from 7am-8pm.

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