Holliston’s Community Action Fund Receives Gift from Shredding Day

From Heidi Gibson

Update: This April’s Holliston Shredding Day event resulted in a significant contribution to the Holliston Community Action Fund (HCAF). The gift from the shredding day event sponsored by Vesta Real Estate Group and many other local partners was a welcome contribution to our community.  President John Drohan and the HCAF board members have been busy cutting checks to assist local families in need during this devastating year of the pandemic and fundraising to provide more relief and work towards community betterment projects in Holliston. 

Vesta and Jensen Sheehan volunteers donate to the HCAF community action group. Pictured left to right: Liz Kelly (Vesta), Greg Ross (Jensen Sheehan Insurance), Heidi Gibson (HCAF), Ed Daniels (Vesta), Doriane Daniels (Vesta), and Ashley Austin (Vesta).

The HCAF has three major missions: emergency assistance, supporting community betterment, and working with students taking action for their neighbors.  Vesta Real Estate Group has supported this mission by recognizing HCAF’s work for the Holliston community.  This year, the Student Division of the HCAF sent letters of appreciation to local businesses and first responders who bravely kept the community operating safely during the dark days of the pandemic.  Now they are penning letters of acknowledgement and appreciation for Holliston’s seniors who have suffered loneliness and loss during the past year. 

Doriane and Orson Daniels collecting donations during Shredding Day.

The HCAF works hard to provide short term emergency financial assistance to residents requesting assistance through the town department, Holliston Youth and Family Services.  The types of assistance that have been awarded over the past year include the paying of utility and phone bills, heating bills, car payments, Christmas gifts for needy families, driver’s education and insurance costs, school lunch bills, rent, mortgage, and health bills, just to name a few categories of need. 

The HCAF was particularly honored to receive $75,000 of CARES Act funding through the Town of Holliston to provide mortgage and rent assistance to families suffering job loss and health crises during the past year with the expert assistance of the Holliston Youth and Family Services Office.  Every penny of this assistance grant was quickly assessed and used for this relief.

How does a resident ask for assistance?  There is a determination of need, performed by the Youth and Family Services Office of Holliston.  If you are a community member in need of emergency assistance, please contact Jaclyn Winer, LICSW, Holliston Youth and Family Services at (508) 429-0620 or at https://www.townofholliston.us/youth-and-family-services

How does HCAF do this?  Donations! Last year, HCAF held a direct donation campaign that provided over $8K. The HCAF greatly appreciates the donations of individuals, as well as generous businesses like Vesta.  With this boost, the Holliston Community Action Fund looks forward to making a difference again this year. Donations are gratefully accepted in any amount at any time, online, at https://hollistoncommunityaction.org

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