Unmasked: New Holliston Personnel

While most of us were hunkered down as of March 16, 2020, the work of town government continued uninterrupted as the paid professionals and unpaid officials met via Zoom and even conducted hiring procedures for several positions. Here’s what they have to say about trying to start new jobs during COVID. We asked the similar questions of all of them. This installment introduces Amanda Boralessa, Senior Center Assistant Director.

Assistant Director, Senior Center: Amanda Boralessa

The following questions are slightly different because Amanda JUST arrived.

When did you start in your job as Assistant Senior Center Director?

I began my position just two weeks ago – on June 9th.

What have the biggest challenges been during COVID for you?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought on many challenges for people across the board. Personally, I would say the biggest challenge I handled was protecting my loved ones. I have several close family and friends who are in at-risk categories, so their health and safety was a constant concern. Navigating the constant changes of the pandemic while also forgoing seeing family members could be tough at times, but was always worth it for their safety.

What are the top two issues that you have been working on since you arrived?

I am excited that many of our classes and programs that have been put on hold or that have been exclusively on Zoom since the pandemic began, will be returning in person or hybrid (in person and over Zoom). This includes Yoga, Zumba Gold, and Energy Focus Movement which will return in July. July is right around the corner, so I have been making sure everything is in place for when classes return.

Another issue of importance has been finding volunteers for our Fall Fair. After being unable to host the Fall Fair due to the pandemic in 2020, we are very excited to see it return on September 11th of this year. In preparation, I have been on the search for volunteers who will be able to help us over the summer and on the day of the fair.

What’s your aspiration for this job – what do you hope to accomplish here?

My intention in entering any position has always been to give back to our community. My predecessors at the Senior Center have done an incredible job making it a beautiful place to gather, enjoy classes, share a meal, and build friendships. I hope to quickly get myself up to speed so I can best serve Holliston community members as they have done. I am very excited to meet more people as we continue to open up to classes, events, and groups. And like my predecessors, I hope to build off their foundation to bring quality, fun programming everyone can enjoy.

What message would you like to send to the community?

I would like to share with everyone that it is truly a privilege to serve as Assistant Director to this beautiful, vibrant community. Everyone I have met thus far has been so wonderful and welcoming. I am eager to meet you and my door is always open. You will just have to forgive me as I learn everyone’s name!


Mary Greendale