Let the Grinding Begin – Mudville Streets to Get Regraded – Starting Today


Drainage and Roadway Improvements

To: Residents and Businesses within the Project Area

From: Holliston Highway Division

Date: October 6, 2021

The intent of this notice is to provide an update regarding the drainage and roadway improvements project in your neighborhood (Mudville Area).

A. Drainage Improvements Work:

The drainage improvements work in School, Spring, Pleasant and Mechanic Streets is completed. In Exchange and Union Streets, the drainage work is completed in some sections but will continue in a few other isolated areas.

B. Reclamation of Existing Roadway Surface:

Once drainage improvements are completed, the existing roadway surfaces will be reclaimed. Reclamation process is to uniformly pulverize the full thickness of the existing pavement and a portion of underlying gravel to reuse as the base for new roadway surface. The reclaimed base will then be re[1]graded and compacted in preparation for first course (binder) of asphalt. The reclamation process for each street may take up to three days. Paving operation for each street will take one day. We anticipate up to two weeks between completion of reclamation operations and paving. School, Spring, Pleasant, and a section of Mechanic (between Spring and Pleasant) Streets will be reclaimed, regraded, compacted and paved first while the remaining drainage work in Exchange and Union Streets continues concurrently. Once these streets are paved and the remaining drainage improvements work is completed, Exchange, Union and the remainder of Mechanic Street will be reclaimed and paved.

C. Tentative Schedule:

Reclamation of School, Spring, Pleasant, and Mechanic (between Spring and Pleasant) Streets will start on or about Tuesday, October 12 and to continue through the week of October 18. The schedule for paving of these three streets may be as early as the week of October 25, weather permitting.

D. Construction Disruptions:

Everyone will be able to access their properties throughout reclamation process. However, the access to each driveway will be limited for one day during paving operation. You will notice the reclamation operations in your street and as it moves in the direction of your property. We ask that you avoid parking in the street and or in the sidewalk during reclamation and paving operations. If you plan to use your vehicle that day, we ask that you move it to another location in other streets.

F. Additional Information:

We will issue periodic updates on Town of Holliston’s website at www.townofholliston.us and may deliver other notices if and when necessary. We recognize the inconvenience and ask for your patience during this project. If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact Holliston Highway Division (508-429-0615).

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  1. S T Woodrow on October 13, 2021 at 11:18 am

    I do not understand why they installed and then removed culverts on Union Street. Where can I go to find out what the plan is for connecting stormwater to catch basins?

    • Chris Cain on October 13, 2021 at 12:18 pm

      Susan – I think the metal fixtures in the roads were removed prior to the grinding / regrading operation so they’re not damaged. To be sure, you can contact the Highway Dept. as the announcement advises. Thanks, Chris

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