Tim’s Team Runners Successfully Complete the Virtual Boston Marathon 2021

From Joanne O’Connell

Tim’s Team Runners on Marathon Monday in Holliston

On Monday, October 11, Holliston’s Rail Trail was the site of the Virtual Boston Marathon 2021 for Tim’s Team.  Team members Jaime Murphy, Joanne O’Connell, and Claire Picard successfully completed 26.2 miles in one of the prettiest areas of Holliston.  Because team member Don Quindley sustained an injury while training, he was unable to run.

The weather was beautiful for a long run.  The day was cool and cloudy in the morning and brightened as the day went on.  By early afternoon, the sun was shining.  The Rail Trail was in perfect condition, having recently been cleared of leaves and debris.  Jaime, Joanne, and Claire ran most of the marathon together – finishing together in a sprint as they crossed the finish line at the gazebo at Blair Square.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Trail to support the runners!  Family, friends, students, and members of the community came out in force to cheer on Tim’s Team runners and run with them.  The many spectators motivated and encouraged the runners throughout the marathon.  The runners were inspired by Tim O’Connell and so many others affected by cancer. 

Thank you to so many Holliston residents and Foundation supporters for your continued support of The Timothy O’Connell Foundation.  If you haven’t yet had the chance to donate to the runners and Tim’s Team, there’s still time.  To donate, please visit www.timsteam.org and click on EVENTS and the Boston Marathon.

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