“What Do YOU Know?”

The new trivia show “What Do You Know?” on Holliston’s HCAT TV offers entertainment, challenge, and some friendly competition.  We recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal to watch the filming of one of its upcoming episodes right in the studio!  

Premiering in September, the show is the brainchild of host Brian Winston, Holliston resident, who together with his wife, Melissa, the show’s Vanna White, present a fast-paced game of questions, answers, guesses, and banter. 

Team McDonald and Sparrell had their game faces on.

The evening we watched, the show pitted Ben Sparrell and Dylan McDonald (stepping in for John Cronin) against Vin Murphy and Mark Whittaker.  We did have a chance before the cameras rolled to inquire of the study techniques of the Murphy/Whittaker team, and found neither had devoted any study time, special warm up techniques, or carefully selected meal prior to showtime.  Categories this evening—as well as every episode—included People Past and Present, Rando (Random Facts), Big and Small Screens, Places and the Past, Music Mashup, Fields, Courts, and Boards, and Believe the Science. 

Winston gave the contestants a brief overview of the board: each of the categories has a question for $100, $200, $300, and $400. With the toss of a coin, the “heads” team of Sparrell and McDonald would begin. As Whittaker and Murphy are both on the Finance Committee, and Sparrell is on the Select Board, some friendly competition was set in motion to claim the largest dollar amount of the evening for their Board or Committee bragging rights.  Teams such as these, with familiar Holliston faces—or at least names—are always in demand by the HCAT team.  

As the questions were selected, some more challenging than others, Winston awaited the team’s agreed upon answers. When teams faltered, they were encouraged to venture a guess. We noted some High 5’s given, some thumbs-up, and a wide range of facial expressions. 

Team FinCom shares some knuckles.

The results of the evening produced a score of 3900 to 3100—a great showing for both teams, but clearly there was only one winner.  Can you guess? You’ll have to tune in to find out the answer (this episode is being edited for posting soon)!

All smiles at the conclusion of the match!

Link to episode 1 of “What Do You Know?: https://www.hcattv.org/all-show-posts/2021/9/29/what-do-you-know-episode-1 (Featuring Tom Cady and Paul Saulnier vs Carlos Canto and Tom Emmons)

Note:  Perhaps you know of another pairing of teams you’d like to see?  How about members of the School Committee and the PTO?   Or coaches from various teams?  Or just compete with a friend or associate! 

Call 508.429.8979 or email don@hcattv.org

Yvette Cain

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  1. Don Cronin on October 8, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Thanks to all the contestants who competed. It was a lot of fun! If you like trivia please sign up – office@hcattv.org

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