American Military Casualties to be Memorialized

The week leading up to Veterans Day will once again see the names of those military troops killed during the past year honored on posters lining Washington Street in the area of town hall. The fall tribute will begin on Saturday November 6th and be taken down the day after Veterans Day November 12th.

This project, which began with the names of those killed in Afghanistan in 2003 and later for casualties in Iraq, has now numbered 8,519 hand printed posters (17,038 double sided) which included coalition troops.

The names of those lost will include:

  • Five members of a peace keeping force who perished in a helicopter crash in Egypt on November 12th 2020.
  • Five names of those killed from the USS Abraham Lincoln, whose helicopter crashed sixty miles off of San Diego on August 31, 2021.
  • The thirteen military personnel killed in Kabul Afghanistan on August 26th by a suicide bomber.

Several of those killed in the past year were from Massachusetts.

The project is conducted by the Charles F. Duford Post 47, American Legion.

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Bobby Blair

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