Happy Birthday Holliston!

Early colonial settlers might be amused that 297 years later the town would have a committee called “Envisioning Future Holliston”. Their prime concern was most likely firewood and something to eat. Only a handful of families resided in town back then which was a part of Sherborn.

Named after a benefactor of Harvard College, Thomas Hollis never visited Holliston. Incorporated on December 3rd, the first Town Meeting wasn’t held until December 21, 1724.

The battle at Lexington and Concord was still 41 years away. While early settlers may not recognize the town, those folks who lived in the 1880’s may. The town center has changed little over the past 100 or so years.

In a little over two years the town once again will celebrate a milestone of 300 years.

200th Anniversary Committee

While the town would have celebrated 225 years in 1949, it seems that with the end of WWII so close in memory, there was no cause to party. Instead, a group held a celebration in 1962 with a huge parade, carnival, trade show and water festival at Lake Winthrop. The parade included Ted Kennedy and Rex Trailer. The ribbon cutting at the trade show was handled by Ginger Rogers.

Brothers of the Brush for the 250th celebration.

When it came time for the 250th, for those old enough (who can forget the heat of the day). The events were spread over the entire year.

A page from the 275th pamphlet

The town didn’t disappoint for the 275th. Another huge parade and the arrival of the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall.

With the 300th looming large, the Reporter reached out to Celebrate Holliston committee man Peter Barbieri to see if anything is in the works. Barbieri stated that “the expectation is a full year of events. Celebrate Holliston is meeting in mid-January to discuss and then we are anticipating a public meeting for input from all town groups to set up a schedule of events”.

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Bobby Blair