Youth Advisory Committee Meets

The Youth Advisory Committee met remotely on Monday (12.13.21) evening, as Chair Jennifer Liebermann opened the meeting shortly after 7 PM.  Minutes from the November 2021 meeting were approved for posting.  Liebermann called on interim director, Kirsten Rancourt (below photo), to present the Director’s Report. 

Rancourt, filling in for Jacqueline Winer, who is out on maternity leave, briefly highlighted some of the events she attended in the last month.  Among those was a workshop with the Holliston Public Schools’ Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Equity, Jariel Vergne, a workshop on workplace violence with HPD Chief Matt Stone, and the “Dinner on Us” program with the HPD in which one family is selected each night of the week in December to receive a delivered hot meal.  Rancourt also noted that the department has been working with four new families for clinical service.

Keri Norris, LICSW (above), reported that the Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition (HDAAC) continues to plan for the Drug Free Communities grant.  Additionally, the student division of the HDAAC is “aging out,” so Norris met recently with HHS teacher Susan Stone to discuss a potential credit opportunity for students who work with the HDAAC through membership.  The next meeting of the HDAAC is Tuesday evening, December 14, 2021, at 7 PM.

The student division of the Holliston Community Action Fund (HCAF) held an art auction for four days in the 747 Washington Street building’s Mudville Gallery.  Kathy Cummings reported that winning bids for student artwork netted $600 for the fund.

Matt Putvinski (above), the YAC representative to the Envisioning Future Holliston Committee and its co-chair reported that approximately 200 on-line surveys have been completed by residents.  The senior population (65+) appears to be least represented in this sample. Putvinski said the group will discuss methods for increasing the senior sampling.  One possibility is to have members of EFH meet with older residents at the Senior Center, record their survey answers, and transfer these to the computer. 

Student representative to YAC Brian Sahagian reported that the Winter sports season has begun.  He also reported that in the past two weeks, several students have been absent from school due to a flu that is not the COVID virus. 

Liebermann discussed the next YAC meeting both for its date—January 10— and its purpose—to vote to accept the Director’s Yearly Review.  Following the completion of Winer’s  self evaluation, Liebermann and Lynn Rahim will complete a written review which will be presented for approval to the YAC and then be forwarded to the Town Administrator.  Because the date of the submission of the YFS Departmental Budget Request for FY23 has been moved to March, a vote to accept this budget will be taken during the February YAC meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.

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Yvette Cain