EDC Solicits Business Input

Economic Development Committee (EDC) members Wednesday night, March 9, 2022, met with Towma Rastad of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce to hear about the benefits of belonging to the Commerce.

Glenn Brown noted that he had been an EDC member for two years and was unaware that Holliston wasn’t already a member.

The EDC is interviewing businesses to find their wants and needs. 

Christine Carosella (above) introduced John Paltrineri (below) to the group.

The EDC plans to hold a series of round table discussions, Glenn Brown asked Paltrineri if the Committee should break down the talks between small downtown businesses and larger industrial firms. Paltrineri answered in the affirmative.

Mr. Paltrineri also suggested that bike racks for the three blocks downtown might tie the area together with the rail trail. Paltrineri went on to say, “the Gulf Station is such an eyesore I’ve thought about placing a fence in front of it and painting it.”  Carosella noted that the Gulf Station was already on the EDC’s radar.

Another idea proposed by Mr. Paltrineri was for a video showing Holliston as a good place to live and work. Carosella stated that the town has recently done an infomercial and that it would be available for viewing in the coming week on the town website. Paltrineri pressed on and suggested flyers for trail users next to the already posting of uptown businesses on the trail.

Glenn Brown said that bike racks and benches along Central Street could make that roadway more user friendly.

The meeting adjourned within a half hour’s time. 

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Bobby Blair