Holliston Vets Honor a Four-legged Vet

The Holliston VFW/Legion paid tribute to a retired bomb sniffing dog, Sato, who spent 8 years in Afghanistan.

Many Military Working Dogs retire with their human partner to enjoy the good life. Other working dogs return to the States without a permanent home.

Sato (above) was adopted by Jennifer Lasher and her family in 2019. Sato joined the Lashers’ other dog, Dewey, a Bassett / Lab mix – it was friendship at first site. Sato just turned 12-years-old and yet he still is very alert – especially when Jen brings out the treats. It is very hard for retired working dogs to really settle down and relax – there must be something to sniff / find. An interesting tidbit – Sato only responds to commands in Dutch.

HPD K-9 Handler SGT Todd Hagan (above) spoke about the endless training that he and his partner Mattis do every month. He wonders if / when Mattis will settle down like Sato demonstrated throughout the ceremony.

Speaking of the ceremony. VFW Post Chaplain Ron Turcotte (above) organized the event after being contacted by Holliston High Social Studies Teacher Jen Lasher to see if there could be some recognition for Sato. Chaplain Turcotte went the extra mile for his fellow retired veteran Sato. Turcotte studied Sato’s service record, and through that document, he was able to contact Sato’s original military trainer. The trainer shared that he learned that the name Sato means Sugar and Wise. During their training, Sato showed that he was very sweet when appropriate and certainly wise beyond his years.

Members of Holliston’s VFW and American Legion posts joined Sato’s ‘family’ to pay tribute to this special canine.

American Legion Post 47 Commander Steve Bradford presented the certificate shown earlier to Ms. Lasher and Sato

Ms. Lasher took the opportunity to let those gathered that there is an ongoing need for families to care for working dogs like Sato. Click here to learn more about adopting working dogs.

Ms Laher’s daughter Annaliese Berry speak about the joy of adopting a retired working dog.

The ceremony concluded with the playing of Taps by Legion Bugler Joe Cibotti. Taps reminds us of all those two-legged and four-legged warriors who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you Ron for giving the Holliston Reporter a heads up so we didn’t miss out on this moving ceremony.

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Chris Cain

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  1. Jennifer Lasher on March 27, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    Thank you for such a wonderful article Mr. Cain! 🙂