Inaugural “Swinging for Charity” a Big Hit

In early spring, the Holliston Reporter received a request to publicize the Knights of Columbus first “Swinging for Charity” to be held at Pinecrest. As occasional golfer (and this seemed like a worthy occasion), I offered up the entry fee and got matched up with a group.

As I arrived at the course Friday morning, I was drawn to the registration tent. There I found Knight Joe Mongelli who seemed more than happy to “tell me where to go” to meet my teammates. Fellow Knights Tom Anguish and Ron Dowding helped me “support a good cause” by selling me some raffle tickets (more on this later). Supervising the registration was Grand Knight Al Scaramella – he’s the first to admit that he is best at standing around looking handsome.

The grey skies didn’t discourage any of the 88 players signed up for the event.
You might think that with this many carbohydrate options offered by an HR supporter Ahronian; the participants were loading up for a marathon! Thank you Mark and Linda for making sure no one fainted during the round.
Holliston Pantry Shelf President (and golfer) Keely Krantz (pink hat) talks with golfers as they arrive.
Knight (and Pantry Shelf Corresponding Secretary) Tony Polise reviews the rules prior to the “golfers start your golf carts” send off.
The carts were lined up like the starting grid at the Indy 500. There was actually a method to the lineup so a mini-parade formed as all 44 carts crossed Prentice St all heading to their assigned starting hole.

Then everything became real – the match was on. I was teamed up with a Knight, his son-in-law, and the son-in-law’s friend. These gentlemen shall remain nameless and will not be identified in any photos.

Two axioms about golf:

  • what happens on the course – stays on the course (unless you have something to brag about).
  • It never rains on a golf course. The photo below belies this bogus statement.
That is rain pelting the surface of the pond on the 10th hole.

In a best ball format such as this, a score below par usually wins – sometimes well under par. Our team demonstrated a true team effort as each player saved our bacon at one point or another.

On the ninth hole, a 300 yd. par 4, the sponsors offered a little power boost for the golfers. For a modest donation, each player got to launch a golf ball from an air-powered cannon towards the green. It’s very hard to land a golf ball on the 9th green with regular equipment – only one player of the 88 “launchers” got the ball to stay on the green.

Here’s some bragging – I launched the ball over the green and one-hopped it into the 10th hole pond – a massive drive! And we opted for an automatic eagle (2) putt – each member of our group putted before me – you guessed it – I sunk the putt (no more to brag about – I promise).

Then we moved into Anthony’s on the Green where the real action was taking place. The organizers actually collected score cards!

“Calling all cards” brought the real picture into focus.
A table full of raffle prizes and a jar with the $365 prize for the 50 / 50 raffle.
If you look closely, you might see my teammates “rehydrating” after the round.
Did someone say “Lunch is served?”

Time for the raffle drawings, competition prizes, and the monetary donation to the Pantry Shelf.

The first-place team came in at 9 under par. There were two teams tied at 9 under and through some complicated algorithm the winner was chosen.

“First in reverse” (aka last) was claimed by the team at 4 over. Our team came in somewhere in between.

John Curran (L) the driving force for this event shares the donation with Keely Krantz. The unofficial total donation will be in the neighborhood of $9,000. What a great day for the Pantry Shelf.
Some players wondered if the Pantry Shelf van was the prize for anyone who got a hole-in-one.

I am thankful to my teammates for accepting my unique style of golf and turning a challenging day into a lot of fun.

Congratulations to Mr. Curran and the Knights for putting on a top-notch outing to benefit so many of our neighbors in need.

(L-R) Chris Johnston and David Ahronian present Tony Polise and Rod Burgett with the Ahronian Landscaping donation.
Photo courtesy John Curran


Chris Cain


  1. Tom Anguish on June 5, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    Superbly written and enthusiastic coverage of this inaugural event! You captured the spirit of the day, as did the golfers who participated in the tournament and the charitable aspects of the raffles. Thanks for your superior article. By the way – Golfers develop a “focused vision” when it rains. They are sometimes able to concentrate on their target and “zero” their shot to that spot. A little rain can be good! And the looks on the golfers faces at the luncheon shows that neither the rain nor their scores interfered with their enjoyment. We thank the golfers for participating and raising so much money for the Pantry Shelf. It was a HUGE success!

  2. Mark Ahronian on June 9, 2022 at 9:05 am

    Thank you Knights & John Curran !!
    great success supporting the food pantry !
    Thank you Chris from Holliston Reporter
    for a nice job reporting. best, Mark Ahronian