A Great Day for the Harvest Fair

All photos by Yvette Cain

The Holliston Historical Society’s annual Harvest Fair is a “day to pie” for. That’s 100 home-baked apple pies. And the craft and artists booths across the Society’s front lawn provide a way to work off some of those apple and cinnamon calories.

Just follow your nose to the amazing scents wafting from the refreshments in the barn
On the way to the barn, it was very hard to pass by the Silent Auction.
Just inside the barn door were Society members ready to help patrons score one of the few remaining pies. Pie slices were also on the menu at the refreshment counter.

The Holliston Reporter received this note from Pam Kyrka on the Friday before the Fair. “A hearty thank you to the following orchards and farms who have generously contributed apples for our annual apple pies!

  • Belkin Family Lookout Farm
  • Bolton Orchards in Bolton
  • Bolton Spring farm in Bolton
  • Dowse Orchards in Sherborn 
  • Fairmount Fruit Farm in Franklin

Again, thank you all so much! Pie night tonight!”

Jane Gilfoy had invited The Town Crier to the fair to broadcast all the treats and displays that awaited to all present.
“Always in Season”, a perennial favorite at the fair, add just the right musical background.
Artists, crafters, and antiquities dealers set up shop on the Society lawn. It was a beautiful day to stroll among the tents enjoying the creative works on display.
Between the barn and the house, a reminder of Holliston’s rich agricultural heritage.
Cuddly Alpacas from just up the road were a big attraction. Nearby, there was a vendor selling woven Alpaca fur items. Instead of “farm-to-table” some “farm-to-scarf/glove.”
The Town Crier stopped to chat along the way. Many visitors had questions about the uniform and adornments. On this particular day the best word to describe the regalia was hot.

It’s a sure sign of Autumn when the Harvest Fair comes to Holliston. Thank you members of the Holliston Historical Society for making this an annual highlight.


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  1. Paul Saulnier on September 20, 2022 at 7:15 am

    Great coverage of the Historical Society’s 42 Annual Harvest Fair. It takes at least 500 volunteer hours to run this event successfully. I didn’t get a pie but I did get the last 4 apple strudels @ 4 PM.