Tenth and Final Tim’s Trot Held

Several local and area groups sponsored this year’s event.

It was an ideal day for hundreds of participants to head out from Holliston High for a trek around town. We split our coverage between the starting area and the turn from Washington St. to Prospect at the base of Holliston’s “heartbreak hill.”

It was very much like a reunion as participants greeted each other at the sign in tents.
Tim’s mom, Joanne thanks Fire Captain John Gagnon and retired FF Steve Garry for volunteering their time to provide a standby ambulance. Explorer Scout Simon Brown was also on hand.

Then it was off to the corner of Prospect Street. Shortly before the official start time of 3:00pm, a solitary figure approached along the Trot route. It turned out to be none other than Steve Bradford out for his daily constitutional. He claimed to be well ahead of the pack because he had a “great sprint from the start.” Dream on Steve.

Then the RUNNERS appeared (and quickly disappeared).

You know he’s going fast because he is leaning into the turn!

Then the rest of the field passed my vantage point. LOTS of participants, here’s some runners who fell into special categories:

Family: Ben (left) and Kevin Furey (right) Through the miracle of technology they appear together. In reality Ben was WAY ahead of his dad.
Celebrity: A familiar face in the Holliston Reporter showing he’s not too old to be on Tim’s Team
Walkers: A long line of groups of walkers continued along the route.
Canines: Lola (left) and Max (right) get set to help their humans up the hill on Prospect Street.

And the last of the participants make their way up the hill towards the conclusion of Tim’s Trot 2022.


Chris Cain