Volunteers Abound

The American Legion Downtown Marigold Project was blessed Wednesday morning with six trucks and a dozen volunteers to help plant four hundred chrysanthemums.

Phipps Square (Woodland and Washington Streets), the wall in front of Mark Dellicker’s house, the planting island at Rossini Corner, sign planter at Bertucci’s, Gooch’s Corner, Historical Society, Central Burial Ground, Town Hall, Congregational Church sidewalk border, Hollis Street, Casavant Realty, Blair Square, Casey’s planter, CVS planter, and the island to the entrance to the parking lot behind Casey’s all got their fill of colorful mums.

Helping out on the huge project which began at 7 am, were Kris Westland, Joanna Gannon, Tom Blair, Rich Finn, Dennis Prefontaine, Nancy Winiker, Toby Ricupero, PJ Kilkelly, Brian Kilkelly, Richard Morse and Kevin Mueller. The surprise volunteer award of the morning went to Laura Durham. Laura is an almost resident of town, having purchased a home but hasn’t moved in yet. “Our stuff is still in storage, so I don’t have a shovel”, she told the Holliston Reporter.

The Downtown Marigold Project — putting a little shine to the town.

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Bobby Blair

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  1. Beate Hait on September 18, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    Thank you, Bobby, for your vision to beautify Holliston with flowers in spring, summer and fall— and for making it happen.

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