Rail Trail Closed to Finish Drainage Project at Phipps Tunnel

The Holliston Highway Department will be completing the drainage project near Phipps Tunnel under Highland Street toward Lil Folk Farm. The Trail will be closed Tuesday – Friday to cyclists from Blair Square to Cross Street starting Sunday night. Detour is only available on streets, using Central Street to Washington Street to Cross Street.

For other trail users, the Trail will be closed from the Highway Department facility to Cross Street. Seek alternate routes.

We appreciate your cooperation by not using this section of the Trail during the stated times.

Holliston Trails Committee

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  1. Tara Schaller on December 5, 2022 at 8:21 pm

    Is this being done by volunteers?!
    I’m saddened that so much in the past had volunteers step up but that seems to be gone.
    I encourage it because so much could be diverted from tax revenues. I’m thinking of the damming at the end of Houghtons Pond. New housing must be uncovering big boulders that could be donated by the builder (a useable place to dispose) and used to secure whatever is failing, and using volunteer manpower to set the repairs in place!!! Probably a dream, but thinking of decades ago when townspeople gave of their time make a difference… playgrounds, parks…. Bobby Blair as head volunteer in this town!!!
    Just my thoughts!!’
    Tara Schaller
    Houghtons Pond abutter