Generation Ratify Spotlight Nicole Bottomley

From Phoebe Wernborg

In continuing their monthly series, Generation Ratify Holliston puts the spotlight on Nicole Bottomley.  

Nicole Bottomley is currently the principal at Holliston High School, but next year she is moving on to King Phillip Regional High School. Mrs. Bottomley has left a lasting impact on our Holliston School system and played an important role in fostering a positive and inclusive community at Holliston High School. 

Mrs. Bottomley has worked in the Holliston School system for 13 years. Throughout her career, she has promoted the student voice and collaboration in education. She has created an environment that listens to the students’ voices and promotes and encourages activism within the schools. Her idea of the Vision of a Graduate has shaped Holliston students into being well-rounded individuals and competitive applicants for colleges. Her “yes” philosophy encourages new ideas and keeps staff and students engaged in the school community. 

Growing up, Nicole Bottomley loved figure skating and spent many years embracing the sport through her childhood. Throughout her time at Brandeis, she explored many opportunities to find her passions. She worked as an EMT part-time on an ambulance, student taught her senior year at Framingham High School, and worked part-time as a mental health counselor with all ages. Mrs. Bottomley believes that in order to find what you love, you have to try many things and experience as much as you can to find what you are truly passionate about. 

With her background in mental health counseling, Mrs. Bottomley is able to apply compassion and tactics that help her with her job in education. Her passion for helping others, coupled with her love for creating a positive school environment makes her an ideal principal and parent. Mrs. Bottomley is a devoted mother who loves to spend time with her children and family when she is not working, as well as supporting her husband’s band. 

Mrs. Bottomley likes to take life as it comes and focuses on taking one step at a time. She hopes to continue her career in education. She envisions herself in some district roles later on in her career. Her main goals, however, are to maintain a happy and healthy life for herself and her children.

Mrs. Bottomley has made a lasting impact on Holliston High School and is a role model for educators. We would like to thank Mrs. Bottomley for taking the time to meet with us so we could get to know her. She is a passionate educator and we wish her good luck for all she will accomplish in the future. 

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